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There are just as many web pages online as there are humans in this world. Each one of those web pages needed a designer and a developer to make it look good and function properly. It is obvious that there is a high demand and that someone has to do it.

Starting your own web design business can be exciting and rewarding if done right. In todays economy, entrepreneurial businesses tend to increase. It’s always been said that you need to love your job to succeed, therefore if your love and passion is web designing, why not use your talents to create a lasting source of revenue.

Always have a Marketing Plan

Before writing your business plan, you should create a marketing plan. It will help you decide where your focus is, most importantly who your clients are and how you will serve them. Make sure you have a strategy lined-up to meet your goals, and start writing a preliminary marketing plan. Some of you may think that it’s hard to write, all you have to do is put yourself on the other end (the customer) and ask yourself what you want.

Your Website

Well if you are planning to start a web designing business I won’t have to go over getting yourself a domain and hosting package. If you don’t have either of them, head on over to GoDaddy for a domain, and Hostgator for web hosting. These are the two companies I use, but there are other options available online.

You will need a domain name, think of something clever and something that is SEO friendly. Having domains like or are very easy to remember, straight to the point, and it will be easily available when you register your domain name.

Unless you have designed your template on Photoshop, I suggest getting WordPress and a simple and unique theme with a portfolio to get you started and looking professional. Have a font webpage with a picture of yourself if you want, create a page with a bulleted list of your services, and make sure to list your contact information as well as a button to Request a Quote that leads to your contact page.

Advertising and Getting Clients

You are now ready to start accepting web design work. You can start advertising your services on local newspapers, and local websites like Kijiji and Craigslist. Make your ads appealing and offer value add-ons, for example, first year of domain and web hosting free of charge. You need to attract clients, once you set a meeting, use your marketing plan and strategy to finalize and sell your service. You can view my previous post on web design freelancing legal tips so that you are not left hanging.

If advertising is not bringing you any clients because you’re just starting, you will need to start finding prospects and a niche that you can tackle. Take a drive around your area and see what businesses there are. You may want to start from your typical mom and pop business. About restaurants, hair saloons or banquet halls? Visit your local yellow pages website and start doing a local search for any of those. Look at all their websites and see what they’ve got, whether they need a completely new web design or just a revamp. Once again use your marketing plan and strategy to call your prospect and offer your service to the manager or owner of the business.

Focus on Getting Experience

If you plan on making web designing a career whether it be as a freelancer or an employee for a company, it is very important you focus on developing your skills than to make as much money as possible. Planning your schedule to allow time for learning and growth will pay up in the long run.

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