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Designing a website and coming up with a simple and unique idea is not easy. Simple web design doesn’t mean making the website dull, but instead it gives your website that feeling of being clean and easy to read and navigate. It avoids distraction, but includes all of the elements a website needs. It also doesn’t mean white background and big black fonts, anything can be simple, as long as it is less annoying at the user end.

A minimalistic web design will present its contents and design well spaced and co-ordinated. Remember everyone needs a website today, it’s like a business card, an identity, a presence in todays online world. People are starting to think that having a business page on Facebook, or just advertising your brand on social media outlets is enough. However, a website reflecting your brand and business is essential. Social media networks does not create an identity for your business, it only helps you reach your audience, which ultimately will lead to your website.

Whether you need an e-commerce, portfolio, corporate, or photography website, you can still have a simple and clean looking website. Whether you are a hair stylist or in the construction business, you should always make sure that your contact information and mission statement are properly visible. If you use a photographer as an example, he or she will most likely need a website which will show off his or her skills.In the end, different people need different type of website designs.

Therefore, if a single webpage is all you need, or if a website with multiple pages is what is required, being minimal will not only give you that clean look, but also faster load times, which will eventually take less resources and money.

In conclusion what exactly is a simple and minimalistic website? Get straight to the point… and keep in mind that user friendly navigation is part of the minimal website design.

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