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Essential Design Trends

It seems as though every day that goes by there’s a new web design trend that’s taking over. While that may seem overwhelming to try to keep up with, it’s also a good thing, both for designers and the users who peruse the sites they develop.

Here is a list of the hottest things going in the web design world in the last couple of months.

E-Commerce to Change For Good Thanks to Amazon

Imagine a world without Amazon! The e-commerce giant has been around for what seems like forever, and as of September 12, it will officially be 20 years since Amazon filed their One Click Checkout patent.

Why is this so important? That means the patent expires that day and the technology that was used for it can be used by any other e-commerce website on the internet. Don’t be surprised when you see site after site using the same technology to provide their own one click checkout feature to online shoppers.

8 Outdated SEO Practices That No Longer Work

If you’re the sentimental type who has a hard time letting go of things from the past, it’s time to start purging, especially when it comes to your SEO practices. What may have worked way back when likely doesn’t work today. If you’re guilty of continuing to use the following outdated SEO tactics, consider letting them go in favour of methods that actually work for today’s websites and search engines.