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Savvy Alternatives to the Hamburger Menu Navigation

Mobile screens are obviously a lot smaller than your average desktop, which means your mobile web design needs to be attractive and informational while still offering users easily accessible navigation. That said, many web designers try to hide navigation buttons behind the “hamburger icon” to save on space. Unfortunately, this makes for difficult and frustrating navigation on the part of the user.

Trendy Fonts to Add Some Hipster Charm to Your Website

There are hundreds of fonts out there, but which font is best suited for your website? These days, “hipster fonts” have become very popular.

If you want your website to have a bit of folksy charm or character that you just won’t find in a font with your average program, there are tons of hipster fonts that can help add a “cool” factor to your website content.

Essential Design Trends

It seems as though every day that goes by there’s a new web design trend that’s taking over. While that may seem overwhelming to try to keep up with, it’s also a good thing, both for designers and the users who peruse the sites they develop.

Here is a list of the hottest things going in the web design world in the last couple of months.