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UV Designs is proud to present our collaboration with Kleinburg Brewery, where we've poured creativity into every aspect of their brand development and online presence. From crafting a logo that encapsulates their unique spirit to designing product packaging that stands out on any shelf, our journey with Kleinburg Brewery has been one of innovation and inspiration. We extended our design expertise to create captivating retail posters and a dynamic Shopify website that invites beer aficionados to explore and shop with ease. Our focus on user experience ensures that every digital interaction is as refreshing as the brewery's offerings. Additionally, we've infused the brand's essence into every coaster and piece of apparel, weaving a consistent identity that carries through to every touchpoint. This project is a toast to the art of branding, the craft of design, and the joy of a well-built digital experience.


Kleinburg Brewery


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Exceptional Coordination

Umberto and his team exceptionally coordinated and designed our entire space and vision for our business. UV Designs had all the contacts we needed and helped us take major steps towards opening the business. Umberto is very easy to work with and makes helping his customers a top priority. 5/5 stars.

Nicolas R.

Visual Symphony in Packaging Design

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Crafting Kleinburg Brewery

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