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What are the main benefits of hiring a Freelance Web Designer and what other points should you consider during your selection process?

A freelance or freelancer is someone who works outside full time employment for different clients. In this article I will discuss the main benefits of hiring a freelance web designer, and cover some points that you may consider during your selection. However, one important point to consider before starting your research for a freelance web designer is the marketing behind your website design. Designing a website with no marketing, will lead to a site that has no focus, and a website with no focus is unlikely to work the way you want.

Furthermore, another important point to keep in mind is Search Engine Optimization. You want to hire a freelance web designer that will awlays keep SEO top of mind. The reason is because you want a website that is On-Page Optimized. What is on page optimization you ask? This is the process of having a website enriched of keywords related to your business, which new visitors will use and end up on your site using search engines. However, beware of anyone who suggest that SEO is free, it’s not just about having on page optimization done, but there are many other elements that are part of this process, and its always on-going.

Hiring a Freelance Web Designer vs. Web Design Company
Hiring a web designing company can be a lot more expensive than hiring a freelance web designer. A web designing company will complete your website, is usually not as flexible, and will charge a lot more to make updates to your website, while on the other hand, a freelance web designer is more flexible, cost-effective, up to date with the latest technology and most importantly is fully involved in your website project with great communication. A web design company has high overheads and requires staff to help it run, so its quite normal that a freelance web designer will cost a lot less than hiring a company or agency to complete your project.

A Freelance Web Designer Offers Better Budgeting & Cost Control
A web design company is usually more interested in large scale projects, it simply isn’t worth their time to take on smaller projects. In contrast a freelance web designer values projects of all sizes, and can offer services to suit the ideas and needs of any individual client. A freelance web designer will help you manage the costs of the project, suggesting ways to cut costs where appropriate.

A freelance web designer will always offer its clients content management solutions (CMS), a more flexible way for clients to be able to manage their content without the need to hire in the future someone to update their website. This is always a cost effective solution that clients will be happy to hear and happy to have.

A freelance web designer is more likely to be dependent on the work you give them, therefore he or she will care about the project and treat you with respect, meet deadlines, return your calls, and will notify you promptly with any problems that may arise. Freelancers always have a fresh perspective and are full of enthusiasm. A good freelance web designer will try to add value beyond the site design and will strive to leave a great impression, as their reputation is on the line. Another great reasont o hire a freelance web designer is that they usually create their own schedule and have the ability to work out of normal office hours if required.

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. Therefore, if you like what you read and it sounds reassuring you can always look at my portfolio. I’m located in Vaughan, Toronto. I offer services to any business in need of a website, whether you need to upgrade your current site, or need to have a website designed from scratch. If you need to find out more please don’t hesitate to contact me

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