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White space and Web Design
It is very crucial when designing a web page, that you keep in mind white space. You can fill the page by using different content in each category of your website, graphics, animations etc. But sometimes web designers forget to include white space which is a very important factor when designin your website. It will give you website design that professional and clean look. White space as many benefits and it can also be called negative space.

Definition of White space:

White space is nothing, there is no kind of text, images or graphics on the space. The space is considered what’s between two words, lines, tab spaces, kerning and space around the pictures. White space helps move the eyes around so you can view all the elements of the web design on the web page. It helps give the importance on the text or image therefore viewers can separate it from each other. It also helps reduce the clutter in the website, keeping it clean and easy to follow.

Significance of white space:

The technical point of view of white space is nothing other than just space between the text and other objects on the website. White space gives the viewer ease to read the content on the page. If your website contains good content, but there is no proper space between the text, and images, your readers will leave your website, and never return. So with the use of properly spacing your content and images etc… it will give your website the proper presentation it deserves, and keep your readers glued to your content, and most importantly it will keep them returning.

Reasons for using white space in web design:

White space plays crucial role in web designing and the reason is that it helps to increase the legibility of the web page. Through white space users can easily read topics clearly, and they can easily grab the concept of the topic. White space can generate tone and increase the visual quality of the content to the users.

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