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It’s tough to argue the fact that social media is a crucial component of a business’s overall marketing scheme in order to stay relevant and visible online. The majority of marketers believe that social media has helped boost exposure for businesses. So, if you’re not using social media for your business, you’re potentially leaving a lot of potential customers behind.

That said, it can be challenging to get started with marketing on social media platforms. One of the first decisions to make is which social media platform to use. The best way to decide is to start by narrowing down your options, beginning with the more popular and widely used channels. After that, you’ll want to determine which platform will be able to give you the type of exposure you’re looking for.

Narrow Down Your Options

Not all social media platforms are necessarily right for every business. Some are more relevant than others. The social media platforms you choose should be based on similar interests, hobbies, demographics, and so forth. It’s nearly impossible to gain a strong presence on every social media platform out there, so you’d be better off focusing on the websites that can get you the most traffic. As far as this is concerned, you can’t go wrong with sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Define Your Goals

It’s always important to set specific goals before you make a decision about which social media channel to work with. Your goals will not only help determine the social media channel, but also the content you put up, the audience you target, and so on. Focusing on improving your customer service, reaching out to new audiences and demographics, increasing brand awareness, and boosting traffic to your website and sales are among the more common objectives that businesses should focus on.

Find Out Which Social Media Channels Your Audience is Using

You want to put your business in front of your target audience, so it only makes sense to use a social media channel that your audience is already on. It’s a better idea to assess which social media platforms your audience prefers rather than use platforms that they don’t use.

You can find out this type of information by conducting a simple survey asking questions about which sites they use and the influencers they listen to. You can also use the social media sites to gather this data. Facebook, for instance, has a tool that allows you to tell the site about your customers, and it will estimate the size of the audience.

Assess Your Content

Think about the type of content you create and choose the social media platform that works better with it. For instance, Instagram is primarily about images, so if you’re into long-form content, this platform might not be for you. Your content creation will depend on several things, such as your industry, brand, and target audience.

From this point, you can now compare the different social media channels out there to identify the best one for your needs.

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