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A responsive web design has been all abuzz over the past couple of years, and has had a huge impact in the world of web design. It’s certainly not going to fade any time soon.

So what exactly is a responsive design? Why is everyone making such a big deal about it?

Basically, a responsive website is one that can be easily and appropriately viewed on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It automatically adjusts according to whatever device the viewer is looking at it on, rather than forcing the viewer to have to make the adjustments. Responsive sites offer a much more convenient user experience, which entices them to stick around on your website for longer periods, and even boost conversion rates.

Why Do I Need a Responsive Web Design?

Every website should be developed with the user in mind. When the user’s experience on a website is improved, they are more satisfied and even more apt to opening their wallets to make a purchase. If they’re left frustrated, they’ll leave your site just as fast as they got there.

Here are just a few reasons why your website should feature a responsive design:

It’s social media friendly. If you’re using social media to promote your business (and you should be), having a site that’s responsive can help send more traffic your way. The majority of people with a smartphone or tablet are using them to check their Twitter and Facebook pages, so when they click your link, your website should be displayed the way it’s meant to be viewed. If they’ve got to zoom into everything they read, they’ll be left frustrated.

It’s cost effective. You might be thinking that building a responsive website might be super expensive, but that’s not exactly accurate. While it’s true that more time and effort may be required to ensure that your website is responsive on mobile devices, you also need to consider the fact that you no longer need to build a separate mobile site. If you had plans on offering users a separate mobile experience, having just one website that’s also responsive will be cheaper over the long haul.

It’s not going to be obsolete. New devices and gadgets are made every day. While the gadgets of today may become obsolete in the near future, your responsive website won’t. It’s adaptive to the screen that it’s being viewed on, which means it’ll work even on gadgets that haven’t even come out yet. Your website’s functions won’t get outdated as new devices are released.

If your website isn’t responsive, get in touch with your web designer today to make it happen.

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