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In July 2018 Google Chrome 68 was released, which started displaying a warning to users that certain sites that are accessed over HTTP are not secure.

Google is always making changes, and website security is the latest change in the search engine giant’s goal to ensure a secure internet platform, encouraging the use of HTTPS on websites.

The question is, is your site secure?

About 60% of all internet traffic goes through Google Chrome, so a change like this will definitely impact every website that exists on the web. If your site is not currently running on HTTPS by default, visitors will see a flag beside your domain name informing them that your website is not secure. That’s not exactly something that you want visitors to think about your site.

Not only that, but visitors are also being warned about the risk of providing any personal information on your site when it comes to hackers stealing valuable and sensitive data. As a matter of fact, your site has always been at risk of having its content stolen if it has always been without an SSL certificate installed.

Imagine all of your site users coming across this warning message. Many might be inclined to hit the back button just as soon as they land on your web page. And those who do continue on with your site could have their personal information stolen. You should already have an SSL Certificate installed and be ready to lose traffic if it is not because of the new Google Chrome v.68 released in July 2018.

What if You Don’t “Sell” Anything On Your Site?

If your website is not meant to conduct any financial transactions, you might be wondering why you should care about the new Google Chrome 68 requirements. However, it’s important that all sites have HTTPS encryption and an SSL certificate.

How Can You Ensure Website Security?

The easiest way to ensure that your site is secure is to get an SSL and install it on your site. You can always acquire your SSL from Let’s Encrypt for free and install it yourself on your hosting account. However, you’ll need to be technically savvy in order to get this done right. Or else, you’d be better off leaving it the pros to do this properly for you. Contact us if you need help getting one installed. Or visit our Web Hosting Services page, our hosting server comes with an SSL certificate already installed for you.

Is your site secure? Let us know how you’ve been keeping up with site security in the comments below!

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