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There are many web hosting services out there that choosing just one can be a daunting task. The thing is, not every hosting company is created equal. Before you sign up for a hosting plan you should ask the following security questions and make sure they’re able to answer them appropriately before you decide to host your website with them.

1. How long has your web hosting company been around?

Obviously, the longer the their web hosting services have been around, the more likely they are good at what they do. However, always look into their reputation a little deeper – there are many hosting services out there that, even though they have been around forever – they are still known for horrible experiences! You want to work with a hosting company that has a long track record of happy customers and little to no hacking as possible.

2. What qualities does the management team possess?

Anyone with a little bit of training can open up a hosting company. It’s actually very easy – all you have to do is get a reseller account and off you go! What you want is a web hosting service that is managed by a team of professionals with the credentials needed to be successful. You want to be sure that the heads of the company are skilled technologists who take security seriously.

3. Is there are disaster recovery plan available?

Anything can happen, be it a natural disaster or hacking. As such, you need to have a back-up plan to save your data. A solid hosting company should have a written disaster recovery plan that will deal with what happens should a major security incident occur. Make sure you ask how their backup systems work. Most hosting companies today will only do one backup per day – but always overwrite the previous backup automatically. So be careful, and make sure you ask about their backup system that’s in place.

5. Can I read your security policies?

You also want to know what security policies are in place. Your hosting service should be able to explain this without a hitch and see their commitment allowing accessibility to this online documentation.

6. Can we partner on security for web hosting services?

Your hosting service should be able to explain to you how you can both partner on security considering the fact that security is a shared responsibility. They should tell you what you can do personally to make sure that your site is secure, which means taking the necessary steps to keep your website secure by regularly auditing and offering security recommendations that you will be responsible for implementing.

7. Has your company been the victim of a recent attack?

Every hosting company is under constant scrutiny of attack, so if they answer “No” to this question, be skeptical. They should be honest and clear of any security incidents in a professional manner.

8. How can I be sure that your security setup is top notch?

A hosting company that’s up to date with security will have no problems going more in-depth with this topic. They should walk you through the fundamentals of particular items like malware protection, logging, and monitoring.

Since security is an important topic, you want to make sure your hosting service is up to the task. UV Designs is partnered with WPEngine, and we take security very seriously. To find out more about our hosting services – please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thanks again to WPEngine for this information to help make businesses more aware of how to pick the right hosting service provider.

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