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When it comes to web design and UX, there are plenty of activities that are trending to help increase conversions.


Videos provide an awesome opportunity to develop trust and brand awareness by telling your viewers what your business is all about.

Full-Width Images

It’s been proven that people are more likely to stop and pay attention to larger images compared to smaller ones. By grabbing viewers’ attention, you can effectively more easily convert them to paying customers.

Monochromatic Colours For Your CTA

You should always include a strong call to action (CTA) on your landing page to increase the rate of conversions. But to really make your CTA stand out, it’s helpful to use a bright colour to contrast the existing colour pallette.

Customized User Experiences

By personalizing the type of interaction and information you give your viewers, you can more easily convert them. You can analyze the geographic location. browsing and buying activity, and other types of data to personalize these experiences.

Prioritized Navigation

If you give your viewers far too many choices, you’ll confuse and overwhelm them, which does little for conversions. Instead, place only the most important navigation buttons in sight, then place the rest in a hidden navigation menu icon. At this point, you can list them in a specific order to prioritize and boost conversions.

Simple Lead Capture

Don’t bother distracting your viewers with too many messages. If you want to capture a lead, try asking them! Place your message all by itself on a landing page, then add an enticing benefit for them to sign up, and you’re done.

Always-Visible CTA

Your CTA really is the most important part of the landing page, so make sure that it is always in view. Ensure your CTA is in a sticky header for desktop scenes, and sticky footers for mobile screens so it is always ready to show.

Card Design

By designing a page with a variety of “cards”, viewers will have the opportunity to choose the one that interests them the most, which will help best the odds of a conversion.

Eliminating Sidebars For CTAs

Getting rid of sidebars can eliminate any confusion or distraction when it comes to the CTA. For this reason, you should consider a single-column CTA.

Split-Screen Layouts

Rather than focus on just one product or service that you offer on your landing page, why not advertise them all (within reason, of course!)? If, for instance, you offer both nutrition counselling services and personal training services, you can include them both on your landing page via a split screen. The sooner your viewers see what you have to offer, the better. Having a split screen gives your viewers the option to choose right away, which will increase the odds of conversion.

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