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Much like fashion, web design trends also become outdated at some point. What may have worked well in the past might not necessarily work that great today. As such, now is as good time to review some of the web design trends that you might still be using and need to get rid of. Here is a list of trends that you need to ditch!

1. Image Carousels

While these may have been commonly used, they are no longer “in style”. They can often be useless because they simply do not work. Hardly anyone actually clicks on them, and they can be invasive when visitors are trying to look for specific content. Even if the 1% of users actually do click, it’s typically only limited to the first slide.

2. Parallax Scrolling

This trend is one that only professional web designers should have ever had access to. The average user simply does not know what to do with it. Although it was used to tastefully improve designs, it’s now become a standard feature on most WordPress themes and is being far too overused. Major usability issues are commonly encountered by website visitors as a result of parallax scrolling.

3. Hamburger Icons

These might be fine for mobile sites since they help users find the menu. However, they’re terrible when used on desktop sites. Using those same hamburger icons on desktop sites can actually make them less user-friendly and can make it harder for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

4. Too Many Different Fonts

There are so many beautiful font designs out there, but that doesn’t mean you need to incorporate them all on one website. You should only stick to no more than two or three different fonts to enhance your web design. Any more than this will make your site confusing and messy to look at.

5. Missing Form Labels

One hot design trend lately has been to incorporate a minimalist style. However, as attractive and user-friendly as these can be, it’s possible for a website to be too minimalist. Some sites have such a simplified design that vital elements are missing – for example, form labels. While this might create a sleek, minimalist design, it can also cause several issues and confusion for visitors.

6. Images That Are Obviously Stock Images

Stock photos can certainly come in handy, but visitors can spot one from a mile away They simply don’t look professional. Most images on sites should be unique and taken specifically for the content being presented. There is only so many times that the same model can show up on stock photos before getting recognized.

7. Too Many Sidebars

WordPress certainly makes it really easy to add sidebars and widgets to a website, but sometimes that allows you to create too many sidebars. Just because widgets are widely available it does not justify using all of them. This will do nothing but clutter up your pages.

8. Aggressive Popups

Among the most annoying and distracting elements of a website are pop ads. They are invasive, distracting, and downright burdensome. It’s a mistake to believe that having a lot of popups on a site will significantly increase the number of subscribers. While this might work at first for a short while, it will inevitably lead to fed-up visitors who will end up clicking the back button.

Now that you know what web design trends you need to eliminate, you’ll be abel to crate a modern site that’s both attractive and easy to navigate.

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