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Instagram, like Google and many other sites, operates with a search engine. You can search things ranging from hashtags, usernames, and locations to simple keywords. For example, a user on Instagram may search for ‘gold bracelet’ and find posts of gold bracelets, jewelry companies, products, and even stores nearby.

That being said, many users on Instagram value the application’s organization. Their feed flows from one post to another, and they can scroll from post to post. Clouding Instagram with huge blocks of text, hashtags, and keywords may be beneficial for outreach, but it may irritate users or get distracting. 

Reports from Trackmaven have shown that hashtags of twenty-one characters, twenty-four, and twenty-six characters seem to have the best interaction rate. It’s best to use more specific hashtags rather than hashtags that are broad or vague. 

On Instagram, there is no character limit. That being said, reports from Trackmaven have also shown that nine hashtags optimize engagement, finding 28,548 interactions per post. It is the peak, although adding even fifteen hashtags will still optimize engagement. 

So, is there a way to include these hashtags and keywords without including unattractive and gigantic blocks of text? Yes, there is!

1: Make use of Instagram’s comment section

If your posts have a theme or, for example, if your company is a flower delivery company, you can comment a flower emoji in the comment section then reply to the comment with all the hashtags and keywords you wish to include. This way, your post’s caption won’t have the visual clutter of hashtags or big blocks of text.

Or maybe if you don’t have a specific theme or if no emojis fit your company, you can simply write out ‘tags’ or include the ‘tag’ emoji. This emoji ?️ and this emoji ? are commonly used for tags.

2: Repost to your Instagram story

Another way to hide your hashtags and keywords is to repost your post to your story, including all your hashtags and keywords there. Type out everything you wish to include, then you can either cover your block of text with your posts so nobody sees it, or you can move it out of the frame. 

3: Add text in Instagram’s alt text section

Alt text on Instagram is mainly for describing your posts for those with visual impairments. So, adding hashtags and keywords in the alt text section is a good way to hide your hashtags and keywords to reduce visual clutter while also optimizing outreach. As well, using alt text is inclusive towards customers who may have disabilities.

On mobile, go to the post on which you wish to include hashtags and keywords, click the three dots at the top, and click to edit your post. Next to the ‘tag people’ option will be a button where you can ‘edit alt text.’ 

Bottom line: Hashtags and keywords will improve your discoverability which will, in turn, boost your engagement but keep your posts visually appealing

Benefit from using hashtags and keywords to help your search engine optimization, but don’t sacrifice your post’s visual appeal. Especially with the younger generation, notorious for having a short attention span, having huge blocks of text, hashtags, and keywords is an immediate turn-off.

Have the best of both worlds. Maintain a post’s organization and attraction while keeping your SEO tactics in the background—literally—to reduce visual clutter.

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