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The pandemic has revealed the way consumers interests, expectations and purchasing behavior can quickly shift, ultimately affecting the demand for certain products and services. Respond to these changes in real time by automating your bid strategy, using creative optimization and other workstreams!

To help guide yourself through the unique challenges businesses are currently facing, you can visit the Google Ads help centre! With that said, we want to help you get started by providing you with some guidance on how to adjust your online strategy.

Make the Most Out of Your Budget

Get a higher return on investment when you consider these tips:

  • Are you noticing drastic changes in your conversion rate? If so, then consider adjusting your Smart Bidding targets.
    • Broad match keywords pair well with Smart Bidding strategies, which includes: maximizing conversions, maximizing conversion value, Target CPA and Target ROAS.
    • Smart Bidding will set a bid for each individual auction of each query and bids up or down depending on how well the query is likely to perform.
    • Broad match keywords allow algorithms to learn faster and find supplementary options that will help you reach your objectives.
    • Video ads with Smart Bidding: Engagements for TrueView for action ads are defined as clicks on the ad or 10 seconds of viewing time. When both occur, only the click is counted. Viewing a minimum of 10 seconds of a video ad counts as leading to a website conversion if the conversion happens within 3 days.
  • If your goals are similar across all campaigns, then implement a Smart Bidding portfolio bid strategy. Doing this will save you time by maximizing the performance across several campaigns at once, instead of at each individual campaign.

Display the Right Message!

Send the right message to your audience using these tips:

  • Utilize responsive search ads and responsive display ads. This will assist your ad creative in adjusting to ever-changing consumer behaviours.
    • How responsive search ads will benefit you:
      – Flexible ads that adapt to different devices will allow you to use more space to share your message with consumers.
      – Time-efficient solution that lets Google Ads show the most relevant combinations of headlines and descriptions to your customers.
      – Reach more customers with several headlines and descriptions, which allows you to compete it more auctions and match more queries.
      – Attracts clicks and conversions
    • How responsive display ads will benefit you:
      – Google uses machine learning model to establish an optimal combination of assets for each ad spot based on predictions built given your performance history.
      – Various assets can be uploaded per asset type (ex. headlines, logos, videos, and images) and Google will assemble and adjust size, format and appearance of the ad to fit any available ad space. This will allow you to reach broader audiences.
      – Saves time by reducing overhead for managing ad portfolios within ad groups and campaigns. More time will be dedicated to performance improvement.
  • Place crucial information on your responsive search ads. This can include changes to business hours or updated shipping times.
  • Businesses using call ads should consider including an alternative call to action. Include a link that allows your audience to visit your website so that they can decide how they want to connect with your business.

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In times like these, it’s essential for every business to keep up-to-date on how to respond to shifting consumer behavior in real time. Stay tuned for more tips on our next blog!

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