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Web Designing Tips
Trying to design a successful website, can be pretty difficult at times, even for those who have years of experience. When designing a website there is a lot to consider, for example the layout and color scheme of the website are very important. Design technologies are consistently evolving, therefore staying on top of that will help you create a successful website.

One of the most important things in web designing is to make sure your links are always working. Visitors will get frustrated if they click on links that will give them 404 errors. Eventually they will leave your website and not return. Create yourself a schedule to make sure links are always up to date, whether you are doing this for a client or your own website.

In the early 2000’s having music or flash on your website was nice and appealing, today not so much. Flash is being completely removed from website because it does not let your website communicate with search engines therefore, it is a huge draw back because search engine optimization is very important. You may still have some music in the background, but make sure it’s not loud, and that you give the user the option to turn it off. Once again, make that very visible, otherwise user may get annoyed and leave your website.

Web hosting is also very important. Do not try to save money on web hosting, because it could hurt you in a way that you may not even notice. If your website is being hosted by a small company, it may not have the capacity to keep your website running fast and smoothly, and most importantly you do not want to deal with down times. I always recommend using Host Gator they have fair prices, unlimited bandwidth, and different perks depending on the package you choose. If you let me design your website, i always include one year free web hosting.

Another important aspect of a successfully designed website is NOT TO USE POP-UPS! That is one of the most things a user can deal with when visiting a website. Your visitors will leave your website right away if they have to deal with annoying pop-ups, even if your website is popular. Keep your customers happy, do not annoy them with pop-ups and ads. If you ever sign up for a web hosting service that requires pop-ups to be viewed on your website, STAY AWAY!

Another great feature to have on your website, is the option to let your visitors sign up for a newsletter. This is very beneficial not only for your customers but for yourself as well. This way you will create a database of your customers, and can keep them updated with news and information about your business.

I hope this article has steered you in the right direction of building a website. Remember you can always contact me and I’d be more than glad to create you a successful website. Figure out what your budget is, and start talking to other people to get your ideas flowing.

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