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What Is ChatGPT?

Everyone is talking about OpenAI’s new tool, ChatGPT! You might be wondering what’s the hype about this new and innovative tool? ChatGPT is a large language chatbot with the ability to generate human-like responses for a wide variety of requests and inquiries! With the wide range of questions that you could ask ChatGPT, we asked it to tell us about themselves!

Screenshot of ChatGPT. User is asking the AI to "Tell Me About Yourself"

It responds saying "I am ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI"

ChatGPT is trained by a library of content from the internet, books, and articles. Using these sources, it writes content that is easy to read and flows naturally. It almost feels like a human wrote it themselves! When it comes to digital marketing, ChatGPT can also be a useful tool for content creation!

If you’re not the strongest writer, ChatGPT can help you create content for countless projects! For example, this AI program can help you research and write content for your digital marketing, including blog posts and social media. ChatGPT allows you to fine tune the content to niche and specific industries to ensure that it creates relevant and accurate content for your digital marketing.

Blog Writing

When writing a blog, there’s a lot of research that happens before it’s drafted. To illustrate, researching for keywords is necessary to enhance the website’s overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its performance on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). When researching these keywords, ChatGPT can help you find trending keywords for a specific topic.

To illustrate, let’s say you’re a local bakery looking to write a blog for Valentine’s Day, you can easily look up some keywords to incorporate in your blog to enhance its performance.

Screenshot of ChatGPT asking keywords for Valentine's Day and a bakery

Social Media

ChatGPT can also be helpful when it comes to content creation for social media. If you’ve never written any social media content before, you can easily ask ChatGPT for some help. We asked it “How to write a social media caption?”

ChatGPT answered by providing us with the best practices to writing a social media caption. Then, it also creates an example of a social media caption with hashtags.

When it comes to creating engaging social media posts, incorporating #hashtags and keywords in your captions help expand your reach and help audiences discover your business.

You might be wondering, why aren’t we asking ChatGPT to write the blog or caption for us? Although ChatGPT is a useful tool for content creation, it also has its limitations.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Inaccurate Answers

One of the major issues with ChatGPT is that it may provide you with inaccurate answers. When asking certain questions, ChatGPT will be able to provide you with an answer that sounds correct but unless you already know the answer was incorrect, you wouldn’t know! The information that ChatGPT provides you isn’t verified so don’t forget to do your own research if you’re using the content produced by ChatGPT.

Limited Sources

As useful ChatGPT can be, it’s not connected to the internet and only has a limited amount of information about world events after 2021. Which means the information that it provides you might not be the most accurate and current information.

ChatGPT is an amazing and impressive invention by OpenAI, but like many artificial intelligence programs out there, it isn’t perfect. While ChatGPT is a helpful tool to supplement your blog writing, social media content, and other marketing strategies, creating content still needs a human’s touch!

Although OpenAI continues to update ChatGPT by improving its capabilities, as we mentioned earlier, always do your due diligence to verify the information you receive from ChatGPT.

Endless Possibilities With ChatGPT

There are endless possibilities that ChatGPT offers, it can even help people code websites or decode any coding errors. It’s also intelligent enough to solve mathematic and algebraic equations and then explain it to you!

Here’s a list of other cool things that ChatGPT is capable of:

  • Draft a Resume & Cover Letter
  • Write unique jokes
  • Explain complicated topics in simple terms (i.e. ask ChatGPT to explain something to you as if you were a kid)
  • Write songs in the style of your favourite artist (i.e. a song about the sky in the style of Drake)
  • Write content in other languages

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