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Making money from Instagram has never been easier. Instagram product tagging has changed the game by making it simpler for consumers to purchase products online in just a few taps! Several shoppers use their smart phones and other mobile devices to order online. Instagram is doing their part by encouraging people to make purchases at the moment of product discovery!

Knowing how to use product tagging is essential for your business to maximize profits. Keep reading to learn more about why this is beneficial for you.

Enhanced User Experience

  • Reduces friction throughout the customer buying process
  • Increases conversions
  • Sends customer directly to your product pages

Integrated Shopping Reminders

  • Tag products on Instagram for a shopping bag icon to appear so they can shop directly from the image, rather than clicking link in bio

Shop Related Items

  • Instagram product page features a “more” button that allows customers to view similar items and links them to other shoppable posts
  • A “shop” button is featured below your highlights, next to other call to action buttons including “email” and “call”

Capture Mobile Users

  • There are more customers purchasing on mobile, rather than desktop. This way, businesses can convert shoppers who are frequently on-the-go

Promote Sales

  • Feature sales and promotions on product tags

Being Discovered & Meeting Sales Goals

  • Use hashtags, user and location tagging to land on the discovery page
  • People who interact with similar products may come across yours

Instagram Shopping Channel

  • Users can explore the Instagram Shopping Channel that features shoppable posts

How to Use Instagram Product Tagging

Achieve ultimate success with consistent branding and shopping experiences. Make it as convenient as possible for customers to purchase products, while eliminating typical checkout obstacles.

Here are some tips on how to be successful with Instagram shopping:

Utilize Instagram Stories

Millions of people view Instagram stories on a daily basis. Utilize your Instagram stories by integrating shoppable stickers. All approved users are now able to place stickers on their story that allow customers to view product details, prices and names.

New Product Catalogs

Are you releasing a new product catalog? If so, transform the images from that catalog into shoppable posts! Make the pages of your product catalog into posts or carousels and tag each item.

Let Your Images do the Talking!

Telling people to click the link in your bio to view your products may benefit your business, but will potentially decrease your conversions. With the use of Instagram product tagging, you can take an enticing photo that catches the eye of your consumer. Let your photo do the talking and the product will sell itself!

Combining User Generated Content (UGC) & Product Tagging

Encourage influencers and other users to share the products they purchased from your business to increase conversions. Create a hashtag campaign that customers can use to share your products. This way, you can repost their image and tag the products in the photo so that consumers are more enticed to shop.   

Combining UGC and product tagging will allow you to achieve greater sales.

Cross-Promoting Stores

Highlight your top-selling Instagram items on your website. Customers will be more intrigued by products that are trending and receiving several comments and likes.

How to Get Your Products Approved for Sale:

  1. Install the latest version of Instagram iOS or Android by updating your app
  2. Convert your Instagram to a business account
  3. Get approval for shopping on your Instagram by ensuring that the items you’re selling adhere to Facebook’s Merchant Agreement and commerce policies
  4. Complete a detailed review of Facebook regulations before proceeding
  5. Connect your business profile to your Facebook product catalog, which contains a list of all the products you sell. 3 ways to do this include:
    • Adding a shop section to your Facebook page
    • Implement a catalog on business manager
    • Use integrated shopping features with Shopify

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Online shopping is the main source of revenue for most businesses, especially during this pandemic. Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to capitalize on your Instagram with product tagging. Stay tuned for more tips on our next blog!

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