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Web design is very crucial whether you are building a site for personal reasons, or small group of people, or a business. It displays an important role and it should be structured according to the prospective market its being built for.

Your homepage is your storefront, it should be attractive, but don’t overload it because it will only confuse whoever is about to look at your website. Usually you have about 4 seconds to keep your visitor engaged on your website before they leave. It should be designed by keeping your audience in mind, create a navigation bar that is strategically placed to make sure it’s ideal for your visitors to find the information they need.

It is highly recommended to always keep your website up to date periodically. Keep in mind that when web designing your site it should be created in such way where information is easy to find, and that your new content always stands out from the old content. Your visitors need to easily see what has been updated or what’s new on your website. Frequent updates, will keep your visitors engaged and returning to your website for more information.

For any website to work at its full potential is has to be designed with that in mind. That means that the web designer has to do more than just having it to show on a browser. In today’s era where there are so many advances in web design, a web designer has to keep in mind that having a creative website is great but designing a website that can communicate with search engines, is user friendly, and easy to maintain is just as important. Let’s not forget all the different devices that are out there, so another question to ask your web designer is “Will my website be Responsive?” Responsive web design is very crucial today, as stats show (see below) that users that browse on mobile devices are starting to increase. Therefore, the utilization of Responsive Web Design is crucial, as you may be losing potential visitors to your website.

Mobile Browsing vs Desktop Browsing Stats

Mobile Browsing vs Desktop Browsing Stats

Let’s Examine Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the necessary step that a web designer needs to take in order to deliver a website that is fully accessible on all devices. Whether it’s being display on a tablet, cell phone, or laptop, responsive web design will automatically change the resolution of the site so that it can be viewed anywhere. therefore, today, not having a responsive website may give your visitors a hard time viewing your site, or it will not be viewed whatsoever.

Designing a responsive website is an effective approach, and will keep your customers happy. As a freelance web designer I always suggest this route, because as the image shows above, eventually most browsing will be done through tablets and smart-phones.

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