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You’ve got many chances to grab your readers’ attention when they’re on your site, but an exit popup is essentially your last chance to keep them long enough and optimize conversions before they leave.

What exactly is an exit popup and how does it optimize conversions? Basically, it appears when a visitor is about to leave your website. It usually either includes a call to action, and could even include images and videos. You can use these popups in a few different ways, including lead collection to add subscribers to your newsletter, sales and promotions, surveys, warnings about a consequence that will happen if they leave, and navigation to advertise related content.

Now that you know what an exit popup is, here are some tips to using them to get the most out of them.

Get to Know Your Audience

It’s absolutely critical for you to know and understand your audience. This can be done by analyzing your site’s analytics data to find out what they want and need. When you are designing your exit popups, make sure your CTAs and offerings are in line with who your audience is.

Make the Popup Match Your Brand

You’ll only be confusing your audience if the popup is not consistent with your brand. Ideally, your exit popup should match your website’s branding so readers know it’s authentic. Make sure your popup uses imagery and fonts that are relevant to your website’s branding.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

To keep your visitors on site, consider including a discount or freebie in your exit popup. If a visitor is contemplating going through with a sale or not, give them that extra little nudge they need by making an attractive offer that will sway them in the right direction. Discounts and free-trial time frames are pretty popular methods. If you’re selling products, consider offering free shipping to prevent an abandoned shopping cart.

Make the CTA button Stand Out to Optimize Conversions

At the end of the day, you want your visitors to click on the CTA button. Be sure that it stands out, which can be done using a different font or contrasting colour. Consider also including a button they shouldn’t press, and make that button as unattractive as possible, but infuse a little humour into its design in order to avoid insulting your visitors.

Express A Sense of Urgency

Many people perusing the web aren’t necessarily in any rush to make an online purchase. In order to get over that hump, make sure you infuse a sense of urgency in your exit popup to encourage people to take immediate action. Include a limited-time offer, or imply that the number of products left are going fast and are low in quantity.

Remind Visitors About Their Shopping Cart

If your site makes use of shopping carts, include exit popups that remind them about the items they’re potentially leaving behind. If a visitor has items in their shopping cart and might be close to backing out without completing a purchase, an exit popup can remind them about their potentially abandoned cart.

Offer Support

Sometimes visitors can be a little confused or overwhelmed by a product or even the entire shopping process. If that’s the case with your site, include support info in your exit popup. Include an email address, phone number, or even a live chat popup. If your visitors do in fact have questions, this support info in your popup can be the link between your visitor and a competed purchase.

The Bottom Line

Exit popups are essentially your last chance to convert visitors into paying customers before they leave your website. If you use them effectively, they can realistically hike sales, generate leads, and reduce bounce rates.

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