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The checkout is, arguably, the most important part of any retail experience, online or offline. You can do what you like to get customers through the door and you can merchandise and market at them to your heart’s content, but if your checkout doesn’t let them pay for their goods or services, all of your effort is wasted.
Fixed prices, tills, electronic point of sale (EPOS), and now the online checkout have all been about removing human interaction from the process, thus saving costs. That approach is fine in a brick-and-mortar setting where, by and large, people who fill their cart with items tend to go on and purchase them.

The Problem with Checkouts
Checkout Process: People abandon a shopping cart because of functional issues with the site.
Operational Issues: There are a range of issues that are not directly caused by checkout functionality, but which still cause people to abandon their purchases.
Site-Wide Issues: Some of the issues that cause checkout abandonment don’t stem from the checkout itself, but from broader problems with the site.

How to Solve the Checkout Problem
Details: Eighty percent of top retailers have now ‘quarantined’ their checkouts by moving shoppers away from the main retail functionality of the site in order to reduce distractions.
Centralize: The online retail market is crying out for a centralized system where users can use a single login to enter all the relevant details to check out.
By presenting shoppers with a single payment and checkout solution for all of their retail needs you’re once again reducing complexity and increasing the potential for conversion.

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