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Imagine a world without Amazon! The e-commerce giant has been around for what seems like forever, and as of September 12, it will officially be 20 years since Amazon filed their One Click Checkout patent.

Why is this so important? That means the patent expires that day and the technology that was used for it can be used by any other e-commerce website on the internet. Don’t be surprised when you see site after site using the same technology to provide their own one click checkout feature to online shoppers.

This technology allows users to click only once after their credit card information and address have been stored. Since Amazon first patented this technology, it has held onto it tightly, only licensing it to Apple over the years. Now, the technology will be available to anyone with an e-commerce website.

Don’t Confuse the One Click Checkout With a One Page Checkout

A one page checkout means that all pertinent information – including credit card info and address – is on one page. On the other hand, a one click checkout means that you will be taken from the product or category page straight to the order confirmation page without having to click any other buttons to migrate to the next steps. You’ll instead land right on the page where you place your order. With one click, your order is placed and you’re good to go.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

If you currently operate an e-commerce website, this is a fantastic chance for you to capitalize on highly innovative technology that your customers will certainly appreciate. By making the shopping experience easier and more convenient for your users, you can boost the odds of them completing their orders.

It might still be summer, but people like to do their Christmas shopping early. You definitely want to be prepared for the busy holiday shopping season with the implementation of the one click checkout feature! Just make sure that the credit card processor that you work with is able to support this type of technology. Some processors that do so include Paypal Pro, Stripe, and First Data.

The unleashing of the one click checkout technology from Amazon is certainly something that all online merchants should take notice of. The situation is so newsworthy that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has begun drafting up a proposal for one click buying techniques. Some of the biggest names in the business have been rounded up to help out, including the likes of Apple, Google, and Facebook.

In fact, Google has already started implementing some standards in its Chrome browsers, and they’ll most likely have more in the near future. They’ve come up with ways to store credit cards and address information in the browser and allowing the browser to communicate directly with payment gateways to send over card or banking data.

Given the fact that the bigwigs are sitting up and taking notice, it stands to reckon that all e-commerce website owners should too.

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