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Adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic has presented businesses with unique challenges that impact daily practices. Businesses with an online presence have started to become more considerate of the content they’re posting and advertising in these trying times.

With this pandemic going on, businesses should re-evaluate their ads to adapt to dynamic market conditions. Below are some tips on how to tweak your Google campaigns!

Evaluate Your Ads

Consider Context & Tone

Be sympathetic to how your audience may feel about certain words. When crafting your online message, be cautious about how you use words with double meanings. These words include: protection, checkup, prevention or virus. If you’re running an international campaign, then educate yourself about local terms that have been used to reference COVID-19 and regional disruptions.

Is Your Message Helpful?

Consider whether or not the messages you’re advertising online are helpful. Make sure you’re providing your customers with valuable information and answers to crucial questions. For instance, inform customers about special services you might offer such as delivery or in-store pick up. Let them know accurate shipping times and an estimated delivery date that reflects your businesses capabilities.

Thoroughly Review Assets

Evaluate the appropriateness of your post before sharing it online. For example, refrain from showing videos and images of large social gatherings or human interaction. Make sure the tone of your headlines, descriptions and landing pages are sensitive to the pandemic.

Communicate Business Changes Regularly

Let your customers know if you’ve changed your services or hours of operation. Edit this on your Business Profile on Google and update your ads to inform your audience about new business practices.

Adapt to Dynamic Market Conditions

Remain Up to Date on Local Conditions

Keep yourself updated on the Google Trends page to educate yourself about what’s happening in local markets and your customer’s frame of mind.

Review Performance Metrics & Pivot

Due to the pandemic, your customers will begin changing their behaviors. You’ll likely notice a significant shift in your conversion rates, which may require you to adjust your Smart Bidding Targets.

Pause Ad Groups or Ads if Required

If demand issues impact your products or services, then adjust accordingly. One way to do this is by marking online or local products as “out of stock” across all channels if you’re unsure about real-time inventory or restocking times. You should also pause some Google Ad Groups or Ad Campaigns if required.

Utilize Tools that will Help You Adapt to the Change

Utilize tools such as the Google Ads mobile app so you can constantly stay updated on the metrics of your campaigns.

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Evaluate your advertising campaigns and make sure they’re thoughtful during this sensitive time. Stay tuned for more tips on our next blog!

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