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A professional business should look professional as well. Business owners invest a lot of time and money on their company, but sometimes take for granted how important a logo is for their business.

Here are some common mistakes made by business owners:

  • The business owner wanted to save money and quickly designs something.
  • A friend or relative who thinks they know graphic design, does it as a favour.
  • The wrong person is hired, maybe someone who also claims to have a vast knowledge in graphic design and is willing to do it for almost no cost.

All of the outcomes above can result in frustration and poor results, which will end up in either having no logo, or spending more than you should have if the right choice was made in the beginning.

Instead, if you hire the right graphic designer you will get the following:

  • A unique logo that will look great, and be unique, but most importantly will be memorable.
  • You will not have any issues in the future if you decide to use it for other material, like flyers, business cards etc…
  • Your logo will look professional, and work on any type of media.

Here are some important things to look our for when working with a graphic designs:

1. Make sure you get a vector artwork

Standard practice when designing a logo is to use a software that will create vector graphics. Some of the most famous software out there are Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

The alternative to vector artwork, is rasterized graphics. The difference you ask? A Rasterized art work will only look good in the resolution in which it’s provided. You will notice that if you zoom in, it will become pixelated, therefore, it cannot be used anywhere.

Vector graphics instead, can be sized to anything you like. Whether you need to put it on a business card, or on a billboard on a skyscraper in Times Square, the quality will always be crisp and clean.

2. Using Clipart or Stock Photos

This mistake is often made by people who design their own logo, and just end up searching for images online to use, without even thinking of copyright infringements. Whether you Google the image, or purchase stock vector graphics, in the end, you are just using an image that can be used by anyone. Therefore, your logo is no longer unique.

3. Fonts and Colours

Another common mistake is the use of different fonts, and too many colours. You have to keep in mind that the colours chosen will represent your brand for a very long time, so starting your work in black and white is always best. Wondering why? Well think of it this way… eventually at one point you will have to display your logo in one colour.

When it comes to fonts you have to realize, that just like the logo, it has to be memorable. If you are using too many of the, well no one is going to remember it. Using a maximum of two fonts of different weights is standard practice. Restricting the number of fonts will have a bigger impact.

4. Copying Others

Well the title says it all… Copying others will not get you anywhere. Other than breaking copyrights, you are not going to be unique, and your business will be looked at as a failure. Stay unique!

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