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Landing pages are extremely important in your online marketing strategy. As a business, today, it’s crucial to have a strong online presence, and it goes well beyond just having a website. If you’re looking to gain leads from your website, what you need is a solid landing page.

A landing page in most case is a single page on your website that visitors see and usually only access after they click on a link from an outside source, and is not something that visitors will find when navigating within your website.

The goal of landing pages is to entice your visitors to take a specific action. Whether your goal is to convert visitors into leads, make a sale, or just collect some contact information, strong landing pages can be very helpful.

Here are some tips for designing landing pages that work.

Keep Design and Content Consistent

It’s important that the design and content of your landing pages is consistent. If they seem mismatched, that can throw things off for visitors. Wherever the visitor came from, the landing page should somewhat mimic the same design and content style to keep the user experience positive.

Stick to Only One Call to Action (CTA)

Visitors will get confused if they are presented with more than one call to action (CTA). There should ideally only be one CTA. Any more than that will simply confuse the visitor when deciding what they’re supposed to do. If you’re asking visitors to opt into a newsletter, don’t try to sell them an eBook at the same time. Reserve another CTA for another landing page.

Make Sure Your Landing Pages CTA is Above the Fold

The goal of your landing page is for visitors to follow through with the CTA. As such, you’ll be more likely to get a better response if the CTA is above the fold and easily visible to visitors. This is the area that is on the screen before visitors have to scroll down to see what’s below. If your CTA is above the fold, visitors will see it right away and be more likely to click.

Explain What Your Visitors Will Be Getting

The offer that you advertise on your landing page should be detailed and should not leave visitors wondering what they will get by following through with the CTA. For example, if you’re asking people to leave their contact information and sign up for a newsletter, explain what they will be getting by doing so. Will you be providing educational content? Discounts on future purchases? Exclusive offers? Be clear about what you are offering to entice visitors to do what you ask.

Don’t Hard-Sell

Your landing page is the first web page visitors will arrive at, so don’t try to sell them right off the bat. The idea is to develop a business relationship with visitors first, which will likely turn into a purchase after a few encounters with you.

Don’t Ask For Too Much

You might want to find out as much about your visitors as possible, but asking for too much can turn people off. Only ask for a minimum amount of information that’s still enough for you to accomplish your goals.

Landing pages can be a great way for you to achieve your goals with your online marketing strategy. Keep these design tips in mind in order to create high-converting landing pages.

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