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Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Every savvy business and internet marketer has been using these social media platforms for a long time now as a means to get the word out about their brand. And while these are still highly effective for marketing and advertising, there’s another social media channel that shouldn’t be ignored. Instagram.

With 75 million users using Instagram every day, it’s crucial to use this site as a means of reaching a huge audience. Millennials in particular are more likely to be login on to this platform, which is a great demographic to target considering the fact that they’re still young, yet working and have the money to spend.

There’s no better time to be an internet marketer, with Instagram recently announcing its open ad platform to all brands. With the announcement, hoards of companies jumped on board, and so they should.

Instagram is a powerful tool to include in your advertising arsenal. Here are a few tips to successfully use it.

Determine What Your Goals Are

Before you develop your ad campaign on Instagram, you first need to define your goals. Do you want to boost your brand awareness? Do you want to attract more people to opt in to your email list? Do you want visitors to sign up for your monthly newsletter?

Knowing what you want your ad campaign to achieve is paramount to making the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts, much like any other marketing platform.

Build a Level of Trust

The amount of success tat any business achieves via internet marketing on social media channels like Instagram is by initially building trust among readers. By establishing yourself as an expert in your field, you can offer people something of value that they are willing to pay for.

Sharing proof of how your business’s products or services have helped others i the past (through testimonials) is a great way to build this trust and show people that you are a pro in your niche.

Frequently post pictures of your products and services, which is a great way for people to catch a short glimpse of what you have to offer before they buy. Come up with ways to offer value to your followers on Instagram. This will help you set yourself up as an expert and bring attention to your product or service.

Collaborate and Connect With Groups in Your Niche

Instagram has a group of experts in just about every niche imaginable. Such groups garner millions of hits every month, which makes it worthwhile of r you o find a group within your industry and use that leverage to grab as much attention as possible.

The key to garnering more attention is reaching out to a number of influencers — the more your products or services are seen in a user’s feed, the better for your business. Look into which Instagram influencers make a good fit for your products or services. Odds are, their followers have similar interests and can be are prospective customers.

Post on a Regular Basis

Just like on other social media channels, it’s important to post on your Instagram account on a regular basis. Frequent and consistent posting is key here. Your feed needs to be constantly refreshed, or people simply won’t tune in.

While there’s no magic number when it comes to the exact number of times you should be posting every week, the best way to figure this out is through good old fashioned trial and error. Do a little experimentation and you’ll soon find out what that sweet spot is.

Using Instagram should be part of your overall internet marketing campaign, but how you use it makes all the difference.

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