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Nowadays, it’s almost a requirement for businesses to be online, with user-friendly websites and quality digital resources. However, that still may not be enough if no one sees it. That’s why SEO is so important! We highly suggest most businesses learn a thing or two about the digital world, even if it’s just the basics (our blog on SEO Basics is a great place to start). 

However, you don’t need to be an SEO wiz; that’s not your job – it’s ours! Hiring a team knowledgeable in digital marketing and SEO can help your business succeed while you focus on running your business. But we still think it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself and your employees to aid in communication with digital marketing agencies and briefly understand for yourself.

So, to help your business succeed and build results-driven SEO knowledge, we have put together four tips to help your business build quality SEO knowledge in this ever-evolving digital world. Check them out below!

Attend Virtual Conferences

Our first piece of advice that will help your business understand SEO and drive sales is virtual conferences! One positive that came out of the recent pandemic is everyone’s entire world moving online and becoming virtual. Not only is virtual more time and cost-effective, but it allows us to connect to those around the world. SEO is digital, so what better way to learn the digital marketing world than online!

Virtual conferences will not be going away despite the world reopening, which, believe it or not, is great news! We know what you’re thinking, everyone’s tired of virtual conferences and online meetings for the past two years, but they really have great value. Owning a company is a busy job, but you only need to set a few hours out of your day to help benefit your business and to learn a thing or two. Plus, online means more affordable! In traditional conferences, you can pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 to attend, which doesn’t even include travel and accommodations. With virtual, most conferences are free or only around $100 to $200 – that’s a huge money saver for your business! 

Due to these reduced prices and no travel time, we would suggest attending at least one or two this year. Here is a list of all the digital marketing/SEO conferences happening online and in-person in 2022. 

These conferences also are a great space for promoting your business offline. You never know who you could meet and how meeting new people could benefit your company. Get the word out about your business!

Familiarize You and Your Employees with the Latest SEO Tools 

The great thing about conferences is that they can teach you about the latest SEO and marketing tools. However, if you have the time, it’s crucial to do your own research and actively learn how new tools work. You can click this link to discover some of the best SEO tools to use in 2022, but our team suggests prioritizing the latest, most popular tool out there, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Let’s discuss why!

Google Analytics 4

GA4 is the system replacing Google Analytics that can get pretty confusing for most people. GA4 rolled out in October 2020, and we know some people have put off learning this new tool because of its major differences from the original Google Analytics. But this is your company’s time – just think of this blog post as a sign to start!

GA4 is still similar to Google Analytics in the way it tracks data. However, it differs from how it reports this data. GA4 focuses on machine learning and data visualization, meaning more predictive insights with more visual graphs and charts.

But the main focus of GA4 is its ease of tracking. There won’t be multiple views anymore; all properties will have their own data streams that will be aggregated into one view. This idea works to understand the user’s journey and get a clearer picture of the value of a company’s online presence. In short, it gives it a holistic way of viewing data.

If you’re serious about learning GA4, there are online courses available. One that looks good is the Advanced Google Analytics 4 course on LinkedIn. It’s worth giving it a look or doing your own research to find the best learning options for you. In the digital world, it’s best to be familiar with some SEO tools, but you don’t have to be the next SEO genius – that’s what agencies like UV Designs are for! 

Hire a Digital Marketing Company

We did mention this tip earlier, but we can’t stress enough how much of a real difference a digital marketing company can make for your business. Yes, learning and educating yourself is so beneficial, but it can also be challenging, and you’re naturally going to have questions. A digital marketing company not only is an expert in the online world, but they can act as teachers when you aren’t clear on something. You won’t only have a team of professionals to build and design your websites, logos, ads, social media posts, all while optimizing for SEO but you’ll have a professional who guides your business towards success and future knowledge. 

Always Strive to be the Last Click

Our fourth and final tip for building your SEO knowledge is to always be the last click! Being the last place users click means they find what they need from your website and business. When you’re the last place they look, you’re usually the business they will go to in the future or, better yet, purchase from in the future.

Not only should you think of how this benefits your business, but you should do it for the user’s sake too. Your link will be the link they click that gives them all the answers. Being the last click essentially means they have found what they’re looking for through your site. Think of users first, and your company’s success will fall into place – trust us! 

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At UV Designs, our team is always learning and homing in on our already-existing skills. We strive to bring clients the best SEO practices that help their businesses truly succeed in the ever-changing digital world. If your business is looking for some help with SEO or digital marketing in general, our team has got you covered!

UV Designs helps your business capitalize and succeed in the digital world, delivering a world-class experience for you and your clients. Contact us today at 647.478.4938 and stay tuned for our next blog!

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