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When it comes to website design, simplicity is key! It’s easier for users to understand your site if it’s not overly complicated. Plus, visitors are more likely to revisit your website if its user-friendly.

The question is, how can you simplify your website? The idea is to establish the path that users will journey and eliminate anything that would get in the way of this path.

Keep reading for some ways that you can simplify your website.

Keep Your Call to Action in Focus

Every website should have the goal of getting users to take action. A call to action is important, so you should ensure that it’s clear, big enough and strategically placed so that its noticeable for your visitors.

Keep the Number of Pages of Info to a Minimum

It’s necessary for your website to be informative, however you don’t want it to be crammed with tons of information. Be concise and consider streamlining everything. Providing users with too many pages to skim through can be overwhelming. If possible, keep the number of pages on your site to a minimum.

Don’t Go Crazy with Colours

For a simplified design, stick with one colour palette. Too many colours can make a web page seem confusing and even messy. If you consistently use one colour palette with a few colour options, your website will appear more streamlined and controlled.

Go with Standard Navigation

Trendy navigation is not necessarily as user-friendly as you might think. Using standard navigation is best for your visitors and will ensure that it’s easy for users to browse around your site.

Use the “Less is More” Approach with Typography

Use typefaces that have standard shapes and aren’t too fancy – the ones that are easy to read will provide your website with the most success. The letters should be easy to read against the background colour or style of your webpage. Make your site aesthetically pleasing by using one typeface for the main text and one for display usage.

Increase Text Size

Speaking of typography, consider increasing your text size. This will make it much easier for users to view the message you’re trying to convey.

Final Thoughts

Overly complex website design can hinder proper communication with your visitors. Keep your conversion goals in mind and encourage your visitors to take action.

Do you have any other web design simplification tactics in mind? Let us know in the comments section below!

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