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The holidays are the time of year where retail consumption is a given – even more so online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it’s time to get your brand recognized online from now and into the new year. 

It’s an extremely saturated online shopping experience for consumers as of late. No one wants to shop at busy malls anymore when they can check out at the touch of their finger online. But, how does YOUR brand get noticed? By doing a few things right! Get your brand the attention it needs this holiday season and drive your sales with these 4 tips!

Reach Customers with Video

In a world where TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube exist, it’s clear that video is taking over and capturing the attention of people everywhere. So why would that change when it comes to online shopping? Online consumers are drawn towards video. 

The best part about using platforms like Youtube to promote your products is that people can go from passive video watching/browsing to active shopping in a new tab. It’s a fantastic platform that inspires people to take action with your brand/products. Building awareness is everything nowadays.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive ad that links to your website that gets people shopping or aware of your products – it can be product reviews (we’d say this is your best option), a clothing haul if your brand sells clothes, employee vlogs, etc. Creatively utilize video with your website in the bio and watch your sales increase!

Use Responsive Search Ads to Target Shoppers & Become Visible

When browsing online for holiday gifts, most people aren’t sure what products they want to buy but rather search for general ideas. For example, people might search for “best watch brand,” or “most popular holiday gifts,” or even popular words searched on google, which are “best affordable.”

This is where you can use Google’s Responsive Search Ads – the more you enter relevant headlines and descriptions, the more Google Ads can match consumers to search queries and improve your overall ads performance. Google Ads then sorts these headlines and descriptions into multiple combinations to avoid redundancy, which then produces 15 headlines and 4 descriptions for one ad. Google Ads learns which combinations work the best and are the most relevant for different searches. This tool does all the thinking for you!

Create a Seamless Online Shopping Experience

Nowadays, people want things as soon as possible. If they see a product they like, they want to purchase it then and there, just like in-person shopping. So, you need to provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience to increase sales and keep them coming back to your online store. 

The first step is to make sure your website is updated and is using a reliable and quick e-commerce platform like Shopify or GoDaddy. Your website should have a mobile version and be just as reliable. Most people shop on their phones nowadays and want the option of quickly checking out their items on the go.

Another way to create a seamless shopping experience for consumers is by showcasing your products on Google! This is a fantastic way of boosting exposure as Google will make it easier for your products to appear under relevant searches.

Some consumers may literally want one of your products right then and there, so you need to have a search function that shows your nearest stores and stock levels for curbside pickup. This is the new world, and your brand needs to adapt – it’s crucial. Curbside pickup is essential around the holidays for those last-minute gift shoppers. You want those people to be able to buy your products as well. It was actually found that the search “available near me” has grown by over 100% globally in only a year

Give Users a Reason to Support Your Brand

People want to support brands that have are ethical and stand for great causes. People are looking to give back, especially around the holidays, so give them an incentive to buy certain products such as “10% of your purchase goes to this foundation or cause.” 

In the last 2 years, due to the BLM movement other social justice movements, interest in searches such as “black-owned shops” and “local businesses” have gone up. People are looking to support companies in line with their values – it’s become a crucial part of the retail world. 

So, switch consumers from one-time purchasers to loyal customers by sharing your brand’s ethical values, sustainability, and more. Just watch your sales skyrocket and for a good cause – now that’s a real win!

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