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Have you ever watched a full YouTube Ad, or do you click ‘Skip Ad’? According to a study by IPG Media Lab, “Ad Skipping is a Global Phenomenon” with about 52% of viewers in all markets skipping YouTube ads.

Which means if your ad isn’t captivating enough, chances are your ads are going to be skipped. Knowing what principles drive results for YouTube Ads, help you craft a successful ad that will viewed by your target audience.

In a study completed by YouTube with Ipsos, Nielsen, and Kantar, YouTube determined what principles led to successful ads. These principles are known as the ABCDs. As a business owner, having a basic understanding of the ABCDs can help you brainstorm creative concepts that bring you sales and leads.

Applying the ABCDs to your business’ ads is as easy as 123!

What Are the ABCDs

A = Attention

Starting off strong ensures that you capture your viewer’s attention from the get-go. There are so many creative ways to execute this and create an immersive story. Here are some ways to grab your viewers attention:

  • Begin the ad in the middle of the action
  • Start the ad with a close-up
  • Use audio (i.e. music, voice-overs, sound effects)
  • Bright colours and contrast
  • Bold imagery

For example, if you’re promoting a dog kibble, you can start off your YouTube ad with a close-up shot of the dog with the sound effect of it whining to engage your viewer.

B = Branding

To get viewers to recognize your branding, adding elements of your brand throughout the ad ensures your brand’s identity. Take advantage of the fact that YouTube is a multisensory medium, and that you can use both visual and audio elements to encourage brand recognition. Here are ways you can add branding to your ad:

  • Product shots
  • Shots of the product where you would typically find it
  • Graphic Elements
  • Voiceovers
  • Jingles

To illustrate, if you’re trying to promote your bakery business, including product shots of your product with a graphic of your logo to help your viewer instantly recognize your brand.

C = Connection

Building a connection with your viewers is key to a memorable ad. Using emotion as a lever for storytelling will help your viewer think or feel something while watching your ad. You’ll be able to effectively deliver your ad’s message by connecting with them. Here are ways to build a connection in your ad:

  • Feature real people
  • Create a relatable moment for the viewer
  • Use suspense or surprise
  • Make the viewer laugh

For instance, if you’re a company that specializes in baby products, a scene between a mother and the baby can evoke the viewer’s emotions. This scene captures their attention because it could remind them of their own mother or their child.

D = Direction

Direction is exactly what it sounds like, it’s your call-to-action! Provide your direction and tell your viewer to take action. Here are examples of what your direction can sound like:

  • Looking for something sweet? Visit ABCD’s Bakery today!
  • Pick Up ABCD’s at your local supermarket for a limited time only!

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