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When creating a logo for your website and establishing the type of content you want on your webpages, it’s important to take the font type and colour into consideration. Doing so needs to be done while keeping your brand’s fundamentals in mind. How do you want to be portrayed to your audience?

The type of font and colour you choose can have an effect on this, so choose carefully.

Choosing the Right Colours

Different colours can do a bunch of different things when it comes to a person’s feelings, emotions and psyche. In fact, colours are used to psychologically evoke specific feelings and actions in people, and is even used in the world of business to influence people’s buying behaviour.

Think about what your brand is about and what it represents. Now think about what colour or blend of colours would represent your brand best. Consider the following colours, and what each represents in the human emotion:

Red – Desire, fire, passion, urgency and aggression – think CNN.
Orange – Healthy, vibrant, youthful and innovative – think Nickelodeon.
Yellow – Warmth, joy, friendliness and even caution – think McDonalds.
Green – Environment, luck, money, wealth and ecology – think Animal Planet.
Blue – Calm, peaceful, professional and authoritative – think Facebook.
Purple – Luxurious, mysterious, royal, wise and creative – think Curves.
Black – Power, sophistication, strength and secretive – think Gucci.
Brown – Friendly, dependable, natural and simple – think UPS.
Pink – Feminine, flirty, energetic and vibrant – think Barbie.

Choosing the Right Fonts

In much the same way that colours influence how we think, feel and even act, fonts can have a similar effect. Maybe a certain font will make you remember a certain era or time period, or maybe you associate a particular font with kids, cars, food, celery, and so on.

For instance, the font that Barbie’s logo uses is very feminine, flirty and somewhat whimsical, which is precisely how the brand wants its audience (young girls) to feel. On the other hand, Montana’s Restaurant’s font looks very Western, which suits the brand very well.

The best font for your brand should stand the test of time, and never go out of style, all while suiting what your company represents. Perhaps you can add some character to the font on your website to really set your company’s website apart from the competition. Just make sure not to overdo it in this case as it can be overwhelming.

The Bottom Line

Using both font type and colour can create a fantastic personality for your website. The prefect combination of both can effectively communicate your brand’s identity that you want to portray to your client base. Your web designer will know exactly how to implement this combination into your website to make your brand stand out from the rest!

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