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For several years, Google has been implementing updates to improve marketing and SEO. Marketing teams are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with these algorithm changes, but they’re essential and need to be understood by companies in order to remain competitive. Experts are now learning more about Google BERT, a new algorithm that will change the way you manage SEO.

What is Google BERT?

BERT is an acronym that stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It works by leveraging machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to better understand the context of each search query. This update was influenced by voice-enabled devices and the noticeable difference between search behaviours when you’re typing on your phone VS when you’re talking to Siri or any other smart device. In essence, Google BERT is closer to comprehending a search engines goal: understanding and leveraging search intent.

How it Improves Googles Algorithm

The BERT algorithm will work by improving results for voice searches, which is vital since more people are using artificial intelligence assistants daily. This will also force businesses to publish higher quality content since BERT will be looking for content that fully answers one specific question or query in simpler terms. Doing this will allow Google to present you with the absolute best results for search queries!

How it Impacts SEO

Unlike many updates, BERT won’t have a significant impact on most sites. Those who will be highly impacted include companies that target unrelated keywords, publish a substantial amount of irrelevant content, are multilingual on the web or have already started leveraging voice-enabled devices. One of the biggest feature changes at the time BERT was announced is the explore feature, which typically doesn’t fluctuate but ever since this new algorithm came to light, there’s been a clear increase on both mobile and desktop. Also, image and video appearance rates decreased significantly, which is likely in relation to BERT.

Sites Targeting Irrelevant Keywords

Sometimes, businesses get untargeted web traffic due to confusing key words that sometimes have a double meaning. This kind of traffic isn’t beneficial, which is why BERT allows the engine to better understand the context of each search query. With BERT, the content will be more relevant to your audience, so businesses need to focus more on specific keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords are More Relevant

Businesses have to take the time to make sure their strategies optimize SEO for voice devices. Targeting broad-term keywords won’t work anymore. Instead, it’s time to start targeting strategic long-tail keywords and take natural language into consideration. The way people phrase questions or phrases is much different when they’re speaking, so focusing on those keywords will be important as well.

Translated Sites

Multilingual sites that translate English into other languages is still an effective marketing strategy, however, creating original content for each language will make a greater impact on search queries.  

Relevant Content = Best Results

With BERT, Google is now able to have a better understanding of a particular search query. Only the most relevant companies will rank higher, versus ones that implement keywords solely to increase web traffic. Uploading content that answers real questions will be the key to success with BERT. Create content that’s relevant to your audience and brings them value!

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