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There are more than one billion websites floating around in cyberspace, and more than two billion internet navigators across the globe. With these types of astronomical numbers, it can seem nearly impossible to get your website to stand out.

But it is possible, and a lot of it has to do with how your website is designed in the first place. How people will see your website will depend on a number of factors, including a specialized design that holds readers’ attention for as long as possible – long enough for them to take action.

If you’re in the market to either start a website or redesign one that’s already out there, consider the following statistics before you take the next step.

Web Design Has a Strong Influence on Buying Behaviour

  • 89% of customers use the internet to look for answers before they buy.
  • 60% of customers visit the company or brand website first to find out more info about the products or services before buying.
  • 75% of customers affiliate a company’s website design with its level of credibility.

How well your site is designed can really make the difference in the success of your business.

How Long Will Visitors Remain on Your Site?

You want your visitors to stay on your website for as long as possible. Consider these stats:

  • The average length of a blink of an eye is 100/400 milliseconds.
  • People will decide whether or not they find your site visually appealing in only 17/50 milliseconds.
  • It only takes 2.6 seconds for a user’s eye to land on the spot that influences their first impression.

With these numbers, you don’t have time to waste grabbing your readers’ attention.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

First impressions are massively important. That’s really how you draw your visitors in and grab their attention.

Consider the fact that 94% of first impressions are design-related. That means a lot of effort and consideration needs to be put in your site’s digital design. If your web design counters what people expect, it could compromise their first impression of your website, and therefore harm their overall expectations.

Don’t Ignore Below the Fold

While it’s been well-documented that “above the fold” is where the crux of your important info should be, don’t ignore what’s below the fold. In fact, 76% of web pages are scrolled down by users, and 66% of a person’s attention is focused on what’s below the fold of a web page.

22% of webpages across the net are actually scrolled all the way to the very bottom. So it’s wise to make sure that every inch of your webpages is designed with the highest degree of visual appeal.

More and More People Are Browsing the Web From Their Mobile Devices

Mobility has a huge influence in the way people are searching the web and making purchases these days. Consider these stats:

  • 67% of web browsers are more likely to buy something from a site that’s mobile-friendly.
  • 48% of users who have a negative experience trying to access a site from their mobile device considered the business to be inconsiderate of those who peruse the net on the go.
  • 62% of businesses with a responsive site reported higher sales.

Considering these numbers, it’s worth it to spend time and effort making sure your site can be easily browsed on any mobile device.

These stats are strong, and all point to the importance of ensuring that your website is professionally designed to its highest capacity. Don’t skimp in this department – spend the time necessary to design a visually appealing and effective website for your business.

Here is a cool infograph that shows the article above.


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