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The “local 3-pack” in Google is where most of the calls and visits that local businesses get come from. When a user types in a search query, local businesses who have targeted specific keywords will show up in this highly coveted spot. Here is a quick guide to local pack ads and how they can work for you.

local pack ads

Starting With Local Pack Ads

It’s actually rather simple to get started with local pack ads. All that’s really needed to start is the set up of a location extension in your AdWords account and linking the account with Google My Business. Just be sure to link the specific account for any campaign rather than all accounts with Google My Business.

Use Labels to Keep Things Organized

You can keep things organized by labeling your listing under “Advanced Information” in the Google My Business dashboard. Since it’s possible for business names to change, it’s better to use a label because it’s simpler.

Target the Right Bid Price

It’s important to bid the appropriate dollar value on specific keywords that are being targeted in order to capitalize on the highest impressions. For instance, if the going rate for a specific keyword is $5, then you shouldn’t really go any lower than that.

Keywords Are Important

The main thing that determines where ads are displayed are the keywords in your AdWords account. The ad won’t show for a search unless that specific keyword in the search is targeted inside your account. Google will even show ads for branded keywords, including your competitors’.

How Does the Name in the Listing Appear?

You cannot control how the ad appears in the local 3-pack, as the name of the listing is the name of your business that’s stipulated in Google My Business. You cannot change the name of how your business appears.

The Location of the Searcher Affects Where the Ad is Displayed

Ads tend to appear more for searchers who are close to your location. For instance, if your business is in Toronto, someone in Toronto who is searching up “dog sitters in Toronto” would be more likely to see your ad in the local 3-pack. On the other hand, someone searching “dog sitters in Toronto” who is located in Hamilton won’t see it.

If you have an AdWords account and you already have keywords set up that are ranking very well, you could have the 3-pack ads displayed, as long as the location extension is properly linked. The main thing is that they are displayed based on the searcher’s location.

Keywords in Business Names Help Rank Higher on Desktop

Local 3-pack ads show up much less on desktop. Businesses that show up on computers are usually those that have the targeted keyword in their business name. For instance, a business name like “Toronto Dog Sitters” would show up for searchers that have “Toronto” in the name, as opposed to a name like “Pooch Paradise” because “Toronto” is not in the business name.

Final Thoughts

Local pack ads provide an excellent means getting the most of your Ad Words budget. They’re also great for expanding your local reach and increasing business. In an upcoming post, we’ll talk about ways to improve e-commerce site performance for optimal for optimal conversions. See you in the next post!

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