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The Google Speed Update – Nobody likes to sit around and wait for a web page to load after conducting a search query, and now Google is going to favour sites that are faster when it comes to mobile searches.

These days, people want answers to their questions instantly and have little to no tolerance for websites that take forever to load the information they are looking for.

In fact, research shows that people care a great deal about web page load speeds. While load speed has already been used in Google’s algorithms for ranking web pages, it’s only been focused on desktop queries. This is about to change, as web page load speed times, will be a big factor in search engine optimization and page ranks for mobile searches.

How quickly your website’s pages load could soon have a direct impact on where your website ranks on Google organically. The search engine giant recently announced that it will begin to factor in page speed when determining how websites rank in search results on mobile devices.

About The Google Speed Update

The recently announced policy – which has been named the Speed Update – is designed to bring mobile searches up to par with those made on desktops. Thanks to this new policy, websites that take a while to load on mobile devices could experience a drop in organic rankings if changes aren’t made to speed them up. The policy is said to take effect July 2018.

Checking Your Website Before The Google Speed Update

While load speed is going to play a big part in search engine rankings, quality of content still trumps it. The new update will only impact a small portion of sites that are the slowest at delivering what their users are looking for. Google is encouraging those who are responsible for web content to put in more effort in optimizing their websites, and tools such as Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, and Chrome User Experience Report can be very helpful.

Google Speed Update

Everyone should take a closer look at their websites and review how quickly each page is able to load on mobile. Now is the time to make any necessary changes to increase the speed of webpage load times before the new policy takes effect in July 2018.

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