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It’s a new year which means new marketing tactics – but before you try and swap out email marketing for more expensive strategies, you might want to think twice.

Email is not outdated at all! In fact, there were 3.9 billion email users in 2019, and an expected 4.48 billion email users by 2024. That means no one is going anywhere without email anytime soon.

So, we highly suggest everyone, especially small businesses, utilize email marketing! Keep reading to learn more about its effectiveness and why it’s the best marketing tool in this content-saturated world!

Why Businesses Are Still Using Email Marketing 

It’s 2022 – if you look around, especially on your social media platforms, you can clearly see marketing efforts everywhere (like literally everywhere). It can get pretty overwhelming at times – especially when it’s not even targeted towards you.

Marketing is the most effective when customer-brand relationships form – heck, marketing, in general, has always been about building relationships. The best marketing practices are those that focus on forming connections and developing long-lasting relationships with customers, or what’s the point?

This is essentially why email is one of the most effective marketing tools today. It personalizes the experience and builds authentic relationships where customers can put their trust in a brand. Receiving an email rather than scrolling past a social media ad already feels more personal.

It’s all about that one-on-one communication – the best email marketing strategies will take advantage of these means. They use names (theirs and the team’s), personal language like you and us, and a friendly and casual tone to relate to their audience.

Sometimes, email may feel outdated because social media marketing has skyrocketed over the last decade. But believe it or not, email is not dead and is ready to make an impact in the coming years. In fact, it is said that the Global Email Marketing Market will reach $17.9 billion by 2027. Yeah, that’s quite the number! And that number means email is still proven to be just as effective in the coming years. We believe this is due to the endless number of ads out there already – email actually works better as time goes by. Plus, it’s a significantly cheaper strategy for small businesses, making it a strong tactic!

The Strength of EBlasts

Email marketing can come in many forms – with the most time-saving and effective method being eBlasts.

Eblasts (email blasts) are mass emails sent to your entire list at once, usually using images, design, clever content, and sometimes video to promote your business’s products and services. Some may say eBlasts lack that personalization, but with the right guidance, you can achieve success. And, hey, it’s way more personal than any other marketing strategy!

Brand Recognition

The best perk about eBlasts, if done correctly, is brand recognition. EBlasts should always be branded just like an advertisement – you’re just sharing this one through email. That’s not to say that your eBlasts should look like ads, but rather branded pieces of info that promote your company and your products/services. Fill your eBlasts with compelling content and added visuals to increase curiosity and pull people in, all while staying on brand and looking professional.

Branding is so important for email because every time your recipients see your email, your brand and its logo will be at the forefront of their minds. That’s why you should also send eBlasts regularly but not so much that it becomes spam-like.

More Reach

The more people who see your eBlasts, the better! You want a wide audience to receive your content, so make sure your emails are going out to everyone on your mailing lists and then some. If you keep reading, we talk more about growing your email list with some tips (this one is important!).


Eblasts are consensual – or at least they always should be. When people sign up for your email list, they are consenting to your emails, but make sure to always have an unsubscribe button in every one of your eBlasts, so your recipients feel they have freedom. There’s nothing worse than getting emails from a company and no way to opt out of receiving them. Market ethically so no one feels spammed.

If you are emailing ethically – and again, you should be if you want your emails to be effective – this is a great way to target the members on your list. Who’s your audience? Tap into their interests with compelling subject lines that you know will pull them in and keep them interested. You know you have more of a chance at targeting your specific audience with email rather than with an ad that everyone sees. This is exactly how you can begin to personalize your eBlasts – something most people think cannot be done – but man, are they wrong! You may just need a little help with the right services!

How Services like Mailchimp Can Benefit Your Email Marketing Strategy

We highly suggest using an email service/tool for your email marketing strategy as it can turn your strategy from somewhat effective and time-consuming to easy and skyrocketing your sales. Which sounds better? We’re going to say the latter!

There are free and basic email tools you can use out there like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, but those will give you standard results, and, again, they’re time-consuming. Mailchimp, on the other hand, allows you to send emails to as many recipients as possible – we’re talking hundreds and even thousands! It’s the best tool for managing and creating your mailing lists, newsletters, and eBlasts, all while automating email campaigns and collecting leads! Yeah, it really does it all for you.

Mailchimp specifically offers small businesses email marketing resources like its incredible mailing list management tools, along with its template creation, segmentation, automation, and more. It even offers analytical features to discover how your email marketing strategy is absorbing with your audience. And the best part – you don’t need to download any software to use it because it’s a web-based application!

In short, Mailchimp essentially provides you with the tools to successfully create an effective email marketing campaign that is more than just sending out eBlasts and waiting for a response. Mailchimp is all about action!

Just watch how easy services like Mailchimp are to use and the impactful difference they make in your email marketing strategy. Plus, we are Mailchimp partners! That’s right, our team at UV Designs are partners with this results-driven service! This is great news for our clients as you don’t need to spend on extra fees for the application and you’ll have experts doing everything for you – you won’t have to lift a finger!

Continue to Grow Your Email List

Your email list is everything when it comes to email marketing. The bigger your list, the more people you reach, and the more people are likely to engage with your business. In order to gain more conversions in 2022, you need constantly be seeking out new leads. So how do you do this, you might ask? It’s simple – just follow these tips!

Offer an Incentive

It’s common for companies to create incentives for people to sign up for their list. Offer a promotion, a giveaway, advice, a quiz, or anything else that would get people to sign up for your emails. It’s natural for people to want something in return – so give it to them! The return on investment will outweigh the small giveaway or promotion. Just this one incentive could get them hooked to your company for life!

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Once you have an incentive to offer, utilize your social media channels to promote it! Share your business’ email signup link and let your followers know that link is in your bio for easy access. Let’s say your promotion is a giveaway – tell your followers the rules of the contest and that signing up and clicking the link in your bio is how to enter. Also include liking the photo, tagging friends, and sharing as part of your rules to expand your following and ultimately lead to new leads! Social media is a fantastic tool and is only getting bigger in 2022 – this is the place to find new customers!

Develop a Referral Strategy

Isn’t it true that you’re more likely to try something if your friend or family member referred it to you? In fact, over 75% are more likely to purchase a product or service when referred, which means it’s the perfect tactic to gain more leads.

Referrals go along with incentives as well. People want to refer businesses when they either genuinely love your products/services or they’re getting something in return. Take advantage of this by telling users to refer a friend (meaning providing their email), and they’ll get a discount on their next purchase. Good Food does a great job of using referral promotions when they send you your meal kits – they come in every box you order.

Need more help? Services like Mailchimp are a great option but branding and marketing companies like UV Designs can significantly drive your sales with extensive experience in email marketing and business leads. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts!

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