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We all know the importance of a well-crafted eCommerce page for converting visitors into actual paying customers. The question is, how exactly do you go about creating one? Here are some tips and suggestions to doing just that.

Keep Navigation at the Very Top of the Page

If you’ve been contemplating where to put your navigation on your eCommerce webpage, the answer is to simply place it at the top. Your website navigation, first and foremost, needs to help visitors understand where they actually are in terms of site structure, particularly with a more complicated website. The navigation should also tell people about your brand, and where they are free to go if they choose to further pursue your website.

For customers who are coming back repeatedly or are purchasing more than one product, having the navigation close to the shopping cart and search bar is critical, as this helps to make the process of continuing to shop easier.

Information About Your Core Product

The most important information about your products should be above the fold. You don’t want to give your visitors what they are looking for right away, place your vital images there, as well as some quick details of its description. Give your visitors what they’re looking for.

Consider whether or not a video is needed to showcase how the product is used, or display photos of people actually using the product to achieve the same thing. Don’t forget to include the product’s price and full details.

Make the Path to Purchase a Clear One

Avoid the temptation of cluttering your eCommerce page with tons of product images and descriptions. Instead, your goal is to guide your visitors to action, which is what this part of your eCommerce page must do. Keep the options clear, and make sure the path to purchase is really easy. Get rid of the potential for additional questions, and eliminate any frustrations on the part of the purchaser. Keep things easy for the customer to avoid an abandoned shopping cart.

Provide Detailed Descriptions of the Product

You want to help people understand what they can expect from the product in order to avoid returns. Do what is necessary to make sure your customers know exactly what they are getting, which means including every detail about the product. Help them determine if the product fits their needs and solves the problem they’re trying to solve. Lead them to answers quickly so they are not left with unasked questions at checkout.

The Bottom Line

An effective eCommerce page should provide visitors with everything they need without having to jump through hoops to get it. It should answer questions before they even come up, and provide an easy and pleasant experience without any confusion as to where to go next.

Do you have any tips you would like to add to this list that helped you convert? Feel free to comment below!

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