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Have you ever thought about how much content people see in a day? We are sure everyone is aware of the saturated content market, but do you realize how much we actually view? The numbers are pretty shocking. People see around 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day and due to the pandemic, screen time is up to 5.1 hours for young adults, with the average person checking their phones 58 times per day

What’s more shocking is that the average time one will spend on social media in a lifetime will be around 3,462,390 minutes, which comes to a shocking 6 years and 8 months of one’s life. That’s more time than we spend eating and drinking in a lifetime (come on, put the phone down and drink some water). And that’s just social media – imagine how many years we spend on our phones? We don’t even want to know anymore.

So, what’s the point of all these statistics? To show you how much content people must be consuming in a day and in a lifetime (also, to prove that humans are addicted to their phones, but that’s for another day). We don’t need any more stats to prove to you that people see a whole lot of content. No wonder the market is saturated and most businesses feel they can’t get a leg up. 

It’s not easy to stand out nowadays, but businesses are doing it, which means it’s possible! You just need to have the right content marketing strategies, a little motivation, and some optimism. So, let’s get into it!

Content Marketing Strategies to Stand Out

1. Offer New Information

One of the most straightforward strategies to use that is guaranteed to add value to your content and make it stand out from the rest is offering readers new information. Conduct original research or share your own unique and personal anecdotes – it’s time to let your personality and creativity shine!

We know new and original content is easier said than done. It takes a lot of time, creativity, and experience, especially in this saturated digital universe. Getting discouraged is easy when it feels like everyone has already said what you want to say, but like everything in life, the digital world is always changing, and we must adapt.

So, get your thinking caps on and offer something new that people have never seen or heard of before. But don’t worry if your creative juices are still getting warmed up because we’ve got four more strategies for you to try!

2. Create Long-Term Attention-Grabbing Content

You’ll want to create attention-grabbing content that lasts longer than 5 seconds. Motivate people to actually read or view your content in its entirety (that’s the goal at least!).

One of the reasons content marketing is so saturated nowadays is everyone is trying to grab people’s attention in the same way. They use the same content and the same titles – users are highly aware of this. Now, when looking through content, they’ve seen it all before. So, something that should grab their attention no longer does. When something does catch their attention, they are most likely disappointed with what is being presented, or they think the only motive is to sell them something, so they move on.

What you will want to do is grab your viewer’s attention and keep it the entire time. The best way to grab attention and create awareness of your brand is with engaging content, titles, social media posts – something that gets the viewer to engage.

Once they are engaged, you will need a twist to keep them engaged, whether that be a testimony, anecdote, or a giveaway. Free products, samples, webinars, or consultations will definitely keep them intrigued.

Once you’ve got your viewer (or potential new customer) hooked, you need to keep them focused on your content. And to be clear, content marketing focuses on gaining customer trust and loyalty in time; it doesn’t only focus on a direct sale, so don’t force anything down their throats!

You’ll want to end your content with an engaging bang! Make it witty, funny, or offer them something they can’t refuse. This is where you’ll want them to take action (follow, go to your website, share, etc.), so they stay engaged with more content from your business. Long-term attention is ideal in this saturated market – it’s more than just clickbait!

Whatever you do, make sure you are utilizing social media! Not only that but start focusing on social trends. Well-known brands use their social platforms to their advantage by focusing on what’s popular – right now, that’s TikTok. It has had massive growth in the past year, giving it ideal content marketing potential. Since TikTok is a new platform, its algorithm isn’t too fixed, which means almost anyone’s content can be seen and go viral. However, don’t neglect other social media platforms as they can still boost engagement.

Trends are a huge part of social media, so use them to your advantage. You want your content to tie into current trends and news while adding your own creative twist. So, yes, creativity is still involved, but it needs to be in order for your content to get some traction. Obviously, not all content will be 100 per cent your own every time, but the closer you can come to originality while still playing into trends, the more chance your content will get seen.

Here’s an example of the lip balm brand eos putting their own spin on a popular TikTok Trend. This is how simple it can be!

At the end of the day, content marketing involves more than just content creation – it thrives on connection. If you want viewers to engage, then you have to engage with them. Social media is the best platform for this! Comment, respond, and message as much as you can to build a community and following, but make it authentic. Don’t interact using a script; keep it real because people are intrigued by real people.

4. Update Old Content

We get it – updating old content year after year can definitely get tiring. But it’s not as much work as you think. Your old content can be tweaked to make it current, meaning you can republish existing content with a new twist. The bulk of the work has already been done for you in years prior, so you will have to tweak it to make it captivating and relevant.

You should still create new content, but republishing older content allows for filler content that is fresh and engaging without completely draining your creativity.

A creative way to update your old content is by gathering all your previous blogs into a large ebook, so your readers can have one easy reference source. Or poke fun at a blog you wrote years ago, highlighting how your business/thoughts/ideas have changed over the years. People enjoy comedic content that is relatable. We’re sure everyone can poke fun at their past selves in one way or another. Simply bring old content to light in the current world – old content can become more enticing this way. Try it out!

5. Keep an Eye on the Competition

This last one has to be the most important, so make sure to listen up…or read up…you get the point! Keep an eye out for what your competition is doing. Not for the need to copy it (no, that means more saturated content, which is what we’ve been steering clear of this whole time– get with the program!), but to understand what works and making it better!

Your original and creative content that you’ve been working so hard on needs to be more valuable, readable, and viewable than the current front runner, or what is the point?

Base your content on what the competition is thriving on, then add your personal twist, similar to using trends on TikTok. Not only will this strategy help your business get ahead, but it allows you to become a resource. Other companies will want to use your content as examples within their own content (on TikTok this is called duetting or stitching). You want to be that company!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to creativity. As you can see, there are loopholes to creating original content that plays off of already existing content. These strategies will make your life easier and keep your brain from going into creativity overdrive (the goal is to keep you sane, working smarter, not harder!). You’ve got this, all you need is a little faith, creativity, and originality, and your content is sure to stand out!

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