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Do title tags actually still matter to boost organic rankings in the world of SEO? In terms of your click-through rate, the answer is yes. Here are some ways that you can use title tags to increase your website’s rankings and traffic.

1. Boost Organic Rankings & Title Tags Length

Some titles are too long, and some are too short. Titles that are too long end up getting cut off in the search engine listings. Those that are too short are often too vague for anyone – including Google, to know exactly what the page is about. But what’s the ideal length? Typically, it should be around 60 characters which is considered optimal length.

2. Numbers

Numbers are highly used in titles, and they should be because they tend to stand out and grab people’s attention. In SERPs, titles with numbers often get a slightly higher click-through rate. This works as a result of cognitive bias, which means our brains are trained to locate things that pop out and are specific. Your brain will try to find things that it can grab, and numbers are easy to grasp onto because they’re both specific and stand out.

3. Dates

When you are using tools such as Google AdWords or Keyword Explorer, you need to look for previous years. If, for instance, you were looking for this year’s, there isn’t enough data yet for 2017, so instead you would look for anything from 2016. If you are using WordPress and use the Yoast plugin, you can have your title tags updated automatically year-to-year. While it may not work for all situations, it can work pretty well for certain keyword queries.

4. Variants

How you believe your searchers are looking might not necessarily be exactly how they’re really searching. That’s why it’s important to add variants in your title so you can nab those who might actually be searching for something different than what you think. Use applicable variants, find out what the synonyms are, and implement them into your title tag so the title will hit all the variants and help you rank a little higher as a result.

5. Boost Organic Rankings with Top Referring Keywords Phrases

You might be optimizing your page for one keyword, but the traffic may actually be coming from another set of keywords. When people type their words into search engines and see the same words in the title tags, this will increase your click-through rate.

6. Call To Action (CTA)

Even though you won’t always find the call-to-action words in your keyword research, they can truly help people click on them because they are action words. Terms such as buy, search, watch, find download, listen, learn, and access can add some excitement because they show that the user can do something beyond the keyword. They may not exactly type it in the search box, but when they see it in results, it can generate that “wow” factor.

7. Questions

Questions are good tools to include in your title tags. By asking a question, you entice a feeling of curiosity and provide people with an incentive to click.

Keep these factors into consideration the next time you’re coming up with title tags for your webpages.

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