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It’s important that you take the right measures to make sure that your business stays relevant in the mind of your consumers. One new way to do this is by setting up a Google Ads remarketing campaign!

What is Google Ads Remarketing?

Think of a time where you were browsing for your next vacation spot, then a few days later while you were scrolling through Instagram, you notice a banner advertisement for deals on the vacation you were previously looking at. This is an example of remarketing.

Types of Remarketing Campaigns

Although many advertisers find the average position metric significant, we have to keep in mind that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is always evolving. It’s crucial that users now become well-versed with automated bidding tactics, which will soon take over and play an important role in their ad campaigns.

Campaigns offered by Google include:

  • Display Network Campaigns
  • Search Network Campaigns
  • Video (ex. YouTube)
  • Shopping (ex. Google Shopping)

Display Network Campaigns:

  • Relate to Google’s advertising partners and related sites
  • Can take a visual approach (ex. responsive image based advertisements)
  • Ads are able to be displayed on YouTube, Gmail, Apps, Display Network Partners (partner sites who want to host your ad)

Search Network Campaigns

  • Relates to Google’s own suite of sites and software, so ads will display on Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google Images and Apps
  • If you’re only outputting a video campaign, you can target YouTube

Segment the Audience

Depending on the level of interaction consumers have with your site, Google Ads offers a tool that will segment your audience. Google also allows you to remarket to people based on factors including time spent on your site, geographic location and select demographics. Some ways to segment your audience include:

Homepage viewers: Viewers that haven’t looked too deeply into your site. Remarketing works in this case by displaying your best deals to encourage consumers to revisit your site.

Category Page viewers: Consumers viewed a specific sub-category in your online catalogue.

Product or offer page viewers: Viewers who looked at specific products.

Cart Abandoners: Helps you figure out what’s making people abandon their cart so you can improve and make the sale next time. For example, several customers could’ve been hoping for free shipping.

Past Purchasers: This category covers customers who’ve purchased from your site in the past. Entice customers to purchase again by offering incentives or showing related products.

How to Create a Remarketing List

  1. Log into Google ads and go to “Shared Library” and then “Audience” and create lists based on the pages or categories visited.
  2. Set up a remarketing tag by clicking “tag details” which will create a piece of code added to your website.
  3. Check your email for details on how to install the code on each page subject to your remarketing campaign.
  4. Finally, set up your “Remarketing List.” You will be able to choose from options including:
    • Website visitors – people who’ve visited your site
    • Customer Emails – customers who’ve provided you with their email
    • YouTube Viewers: Those who view or interact with your YouTube videos
    • Mobile App Users – individuals who installed your app

If you’re interested and looking for more details on how to complete the process of the remarketing list for your company – contact us!

Optimize Your Remarketing Campaign

It’s important to always keep track of what’s working and not working with your remarketing campaign so that you can optimize it properly. For example, you will have to re-optimize your marketing campaign due to changes in seasonal demand and products.

When optimizing your campaign, consider the details of your ad content, complete some bid testing, optimize your landing page, tweak your target audience to see what will give you the best results, and don’t make your ads overly intrusive.

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