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Driving customers and users to your site can be a challenge without utilizing the most optimal, proven strategies. We take a look at the types of visitors, how Google can help, and the best ways to drive sales overall. 

Reach cautious customers who have a new set of values

In recent years, the way people shop has changed drastically. Since the pandemic, online shopping has become more popular, while there are customers who still visit stores in person before buying products online. Their values are set in research and finding the best products to suit them, no matter the brand. Brand loyalty may not always be the leading cause of sales, online or in-store. 

Consumers are looking for value, quality, and good customer service. They’re also taking intentional steps to limit impulse purchases and prioritize essential items. Therefore, visitors to your site may not immediately impulse purchase things, leading them to possibly return later, so is that still a good thing overall? 

Make Sure They Find You

Using tools like Google is a smart way of tracking your progress and performance stats. Google has elevated Search with a more visual and engaging shopping experience, bringing products and brands to the forefront. For example, Broad Match helps users find you through ads when they search for something similar to your product or service. Responsive search ads also allow you to show the right ads to the right shoppers, based on what they’re searching for. 

Drive In Those Sales

It is a good idea to supercharge online campaigns and ads services to draw traffic, while also using the online platform to drive sales to your in-person store, as well. Encourage shoppers and visitors to return to your site or store. Include inventory ads, the right messages on the site, smart bidding for store visits, and updating your business profile on Google.

Q4 and Holiday 

Google writes that “as of mid-October, holiday shoppers globally had on average 21% of their holiday shopping complete”. In the last quarter of the year, there are many ways to capitalize sales and attention to your brand. In the time before the holiday season really starts, consumers spend time researching online. Communicate your company values and best offers, like expressing to deal seekers and budget shoppers that you have the lowest prices of the season.

Some extra marketing tips: 

  • Convert high-intent holiday shoppers by advertising features like free shipping, exclusive member discounts, mailing lists, and displaying high-star rated products 
  • Take advantage of the drive for after-holiday sales, where consumers are still looking to find even better deals and products they didn’t receive during the holiday season itself. 
  • Use this time to build an ongoing relationship with consumers 

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