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Businesses are always in competition trying to get the reader’s attention online. For this reason, it’s crucial to keep up with the latest SEO trends so your site continues to stay relevant and rank higher on Google. Annually, Google makes several changes to its search algorithms that can impact how you plan, implement and report on campaigns. Remain on the lookout for what Google is planning by considering some of these factors that will influence SEO in 2020!

Artificial Intelligence & Voice Search

For a while now, artificial intelligence has become the driving force in the advancement of SEO. Recently, Google introduced Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding (BERT), which is a network-based technique for natural language processing. This is important since voice queries are continuing to become increasingly popular.

Since people are typing queries the same way they speak, their searches have become longer and very specific. When searching, users want an accurate answer to the exact question they asked. Two factors to consider are bullet lists and local queries. Bullet lists increase your chances of ranking higher on Google. Also, several voice queries are local, which means you should optimize your site for local SEO.

Featured Snippets

A featured snippet contains a summary of an answer to a search query. This is displayed above the paid and organic ads, at the top of the SERP result. These snippets have made immense changes to Google’s search engine results page as several searches don’t require any clicks since they get their answers directly from SERPs.


Users searching for products and services are typically overwhelmed with ads and are looking for information that they can trust. Usually, this is from the reviews influencers post online. The relationship between an influencer and SEO is that using them will help you generate traffic, increase your visibility and expand your reach.

For the best SEO results, partner with influencers in your field who already engage with the audience you want to reach. The backlinks received from influencer sites show higher importance on Google, which enhances your SEO. 

Digital Experiences

Page loading speed is one of the most important factors considered in your ranking on Google. Even if you create exceptional content, if your page doesn’t load quickly or you have a complex user interface, then unfortunately, your site will rank lower. Customer experience is essential to SEO because it directly reflects your ranking. If a user is having a pleasant user experience, then they will likely spend more time on your website. Make sure your web page loads fast and your content isn’t too complex to understand. When you’re not clear or straight forward enough, the bounce rate will increase and poorly impact the SEO on your site.


Video is a crucial part of a successful SEO strategy. A video is far more likely to appear on the first page of the SERP rather than plain text. Prioritize making videos and you’ll experience higher traffic when Google indexes it. You can also embed videos on your website and into your blogs, with copy that informs Google what your video is about.

Mobile Search

On July 1st, 2019, Google prioritized mobile-first indexing to improve mobile search experience. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you won’t get the results you desire. Once you’ve optimized for voice search, then you’ll also be optimized for mobile. Modify the content structure for technical SEO and incorporate long-tail keywords to remain mobile-friendly.

Topics & Semantics

Now, there’s less priority on keywords and more on topic modeling and semantics. Based on only a few basic keywords, Google can understand what a user is searching, as a result of the “topic layer” that was introduced in September 2018. The topic layer algorithm is highly knowledgeable of semantics and provides users with valuable information. Essentially, this means that it’s extremely important to create quality, in-depth and meaningful content for users

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