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Your homepage is likely THE most visited page on your entire website. In fact, you may want to start thinking about your homepage as a landing page that’s designed to convert visitors. Research shows that a website’s home page usually gets more than 50% of all traffic compared to any other web page on the site. For that reason alone, it’s worth paying attention to this important component, and make sure it includes all the pertinent components to make it convert as many visitors as possible.

1. Headline & Sub-Headline

Perhaps the first thing people will notice when they arrive on your home page is the headline. Is it clear? Is it interesting? Does it capture attention? You literally only have a few seconds to grab a reader’s attention before they decide to stick around or back out, so make sure your home page includes a clear and simple headline to start things off on the right foot.

Following your main headline, a sub-headline is in order. Basically, it should be a one- or two-liner about what your website is about. It should briefly describe what you do and what you offer, and focus on your target audience.

2. Featured Image

Web pages – including home pages – are much more likely to retain the attention of visitors compared to pages without images. The majority of people who are perusing your site are visual in nature, so give them what they want. Use an image that is relevant to your website’s purpose, and one that is able to evoke action and emotion among your readers.

3. Call to Action

You don’t just want your visitors to check out your home page then back out of your website altogether; instead, you want them to scope out your site and move from one page to another. For this reason, it’s important that you include at least one clear and compelling call to action that entices visitors to delve deeper into your site. Just make sure that this call to action is above the fold without readers having to scroll down to find it.

4. Benefits to the Reader

Why are your readers on your website? What good does it serve them to spend precious time navigating your site? Give your readers a reason why they should be there, and the benefits that your products or services will offer. The more you can show how your business can help your website visitors, the more likely they’ll be to buy from you.

5. Features

Use your home page as a resource to list the features that your website and your business offers. This will provide your visitors with a clear indication of exactly what’s offered by your products and services.

6. Easy Navigation

You want people to click through your website, so make it easy for them to do that. You can significantly reduce your bounce rate by providing your visitors with a clear path into the other pages throughout your website. Be sure to include navigation buttons at the top of the page, and include a search box to make it easy to find what they want.

Does your website’s home page already include all of these components? If not, it’s time to revamp things to optimize this essential website page to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

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