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Your business’s website not only needs to include a thorough description of what it is you offer, but it also needs to include few key elements that will help make the content people are usually looking for more visible and easier to follow and connect to.

Is your business’s website missing any of the following 4 traits? If so, it’s time to start revamping it.

Social Media Links

These days, just about everyone is interested in virtually connecting to brands that they like and use so they don’t miss anything. By adding a social media link to your site, you can make it really easy for people to connect with your business from these channels immediately. Just a simple click on a social media icon can have them connect with you on the spot without them having to look for you on their own time. Adding links to sites like Twitter and Facebook can significantly boost your followers.

Mobile Response

Every business needs a website. That’s a no-brainer. But nowadays more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to look up websites on the fly. If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, you’ll be making it tough for them to navigate your site without them having to constantly scroll across and zoom in. A responsive site will allow the layout and features to be enhanced so they properly displays on a smaller screen. This will help your site adapt to any device and thereby engage users regardless of what they’re looking using to browse the net.


You might think this is old-school, but testimonials from previous clients actually still work quite well to bring in more loyal customers. Actual blurbs from clients can help make your business seem more reputable and tangible to online customers. It infuses a sense of trust that’s always important when trying to bring in new customers aboard. But instead of dedicating an entire page to them, consider scattering them throughout your website – that way people will come across them when looking at information.

Call To Action

Probably the most important feature on your company website is a call to action. You’ve drawn people to your website, and explained what you do and offer. Now you need to tell your visitors what to do next. A call to action may include offers in the form of graphics, icons, buttons, or banners, and they encourage people to continue engaging with your site until they eventually become paying customers. A call to action can offer a simple way for visitors to reach out to your business to test the waters.

The Bottom Line

You’ve worked hard and spent a lot of money getting your website live. Don’t stop short by ignoring these 4 critical website elements. If your site is lacking these things, make sure to get some help from your web designer to make your site as successful and profitable as possible.

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