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Part of running a successful business online means being able to reach people are are more apt to buy from you than those who aren’t. And this involves identifying and zeroing in on your target audience when marketing your business online. There’s no sense in marketing your accounting services to a group of kids, for instance. Instead, you’d see more success targeting adults between the ages of 25-65 in these cases, who are employed and are in need of tax services.

This is why identifying your target audience is important, as is the graphic design if your site.

Here are 4 steps to help you determine your target audience.

1. Understand the Problems and Issues That you Solve

People reach out to businesses for a reason – to help solve a particulate problem or issue they may have. Perhaps you are a pet food supplier, or a florist, or an accountant. People who reach out to you need your products or services, be it dog food, wedding flowers, or their taxes done. After you’ve identified what these are, you can then start focusing on your target audience, and who is most likely to benefit from your services.

2. Get a Visual of Your Potential Customers

Make a list of all the features that your potential customers might have, that require the services you provide. After you’re done, you can then start to develop a picture of these people. Group them by geographical location, as well as market sector. Define these people in as many relevant methods possible. For instance, what is their age? Their marital status? Their income level? Their interests? Their gender? All these play a key role in painting a clear picture of your customers.

3. Determine Who Will Benefit From Your Products or Services

Ask yourself who will benefit most from your services. Who has the most trouble with the problems at hand? Who has the most to lose if they don’t use your services to deal with their issues? If you can prove to your audience that NOT using your products or services will put them in a compromising position, then you can bring forth a very compelling case.

4. Consider Your Market

These days, it’s all about a specific niche when it comes to business. People all around the world want convenience. They’re more likely to go to someone who offers them specifically what they need, rather than a generic entity that may or may not provide them with what they’re looking for.

The internet is an awesome tool for delivering highly personalized services and products. These factors mean that you need to make every effort to be the big fish in a small pond instead of a small fish in the big sea. This will help you be more easily found, and establish you as an expert in your field. People want to deal with experts, not amateurs in their field of choice.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, honing in on your target audience is critical to helping you reach more people who are more willing to entertain your services, rather than randomly blanketing your marketing to people who have no interest or need in what you have to offer. By identifying who your target audience is, you can use your advertising dollar much more effectively, and increase conversions.

With a sold graphic design of your website, you can further draw your potential customers in with landing pages that speak to their needs and interests. Keeping your web design as relevant to your services as possible is an important part of the equation of running a successful business online.

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