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Getting high-quality backlinks from the local community to help your SEO efforts is important to consider for small businesses. But the problem is that there are many local business owners that think that all links are created equal – this is not the case at all.

Here are 4 sources of high quality links to help your local SEO efforts, which play a huge influential role in Google’s algorithm.

The Better Business Bureau

Just about any local business can get links from the BBB, just as long as they meet the criteria to become an accredited member. While an Accredited listing include outbound links, while regular BBB listings don’t.

You might have to pay to have this status, but it’s well worth it. Quality links to and from websites like these provide credibility and trust. The decision that consumers make can be heavily influenced by the fact that a business is accredited by the BBB.

Local Partners

When working with a local business, consider asking for a list of its partners and suppliers. For instance, a restaurant’s list will typically include local butchers, produce suppliers, supply companies, and so on. These are long-established relationships that make the request a lot easier. Something like, “We’ve been working with each other for a while now; we’d love it if you could list us as one of your preferred partners.” Something as simple as that can secure you a high quality link.

You can even return the favour by including a testimonial on your site. You’ll be doing them a favour while getting a decent link in return. It’s a win-win situation.

Local Non-Profit Organizations

Local non-profit organizations and schools often offer opportunities for sponsorship that focus on donors on a dedicated webpage on their sites. You’d be amazed at how many opportunities like these exist out there by just spending a few minutes searching for them. Locate local non-profit and school websites with Google, and identify local charities to look into further by using GuideStar.

Local schools and non-profits often have sponsorship opportunities that highlight all donors on a dedicated page of their website. Even if a certain site doesn’t have a specific donor page, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Make a simple call or send off an email to find out if any opportunities like this exist that will cost you pennies.

Local Media

There are tons of link opportunities from local media outlets, and there are many examples that can illustrate this. Just think: what if there was an epidemic of termites in the local comminuty, and you just happen to run a pest control company? If the local news is running a story in this situation, you should get in touch with them with an offer to give content for their site and information for their broadcast.

Staying connected with local media in this way can award you with links and valuable branding at no cost.

Other than a news story that relates to your niche, you can consider contacting local media outlets and saying something like, “I own ABC pest control, and we just put together a set of guidelines that would be beneficial to the community. Can I send it to you so it can be put on your website?” The majority of local outlets would probably say yes.

SEO is surely an integral part of getting your business’s website noticed. Getting your site started from the ground up with the help of a skilled web designer is your first step, after which SEO efforts should never be overlooked.

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