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5 Tweeting Tips to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

December 5, 2014

Twitter isn’t just a hub to check out what your favourite celeb is doing at any given moment. While checking out Kim Kardashian or Rihanna’s latest tweet is super entertaining, Twitter is much more useful than this. In fact, Twitter is among the most powerful and widely used social media platforms that savvy internet marketers all over the globe are using to get their brand out there.

It’s got a huge audience, an open forum, and tons of opportunities.

Check out the following tips to make the best use of Twitter to maximize your internet marketing efforts.

1. Post Unique Visuals

While visual content is used quite a bit on other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, such is not the case with Twitter. This is a big issue, especially for internet marketers, because visuals will almost always garner more results that just plain ol’ text. While constant uploading of new images isn’t necessary, a photo here and there can really boost your engagement.

2. Follow the Right Hashtags

Not all hashtags have a long shelf life. Rather than just randomly following any hashtag, follow those that have stood the test of time. It’s a fabulous way to relate and communicate, and build a network of like-minded people. Generate a list of hashtags that generate plenty of content that tends to be re-shared. You’ll start seeing results once you do.

3. Tweet Only What Others Find Valuable

Don’t bother constantly updating your Twitter account with a bunch of useless tweets. No one will bother following you if they’re not interested. While consistency is crucial, so is posting items that are of value and interest to your readers. Make an effort to come up with something interesting, educational, funny or even motivational to warrant some interest. Creativity is key here.

4. Use Search Features to Find Out What Your Clients Are Looking For

Make good use of the search feature in Twitter to see what other people are searching for. Watch out for specific conversations about an issue that your service can solve. This will provide you with insight on what is on potential customers’ minds, and put your foot in the door to assist them. Start off by including a link to a resource that can provide them with the answer they’re looking for.

5. Include Important Keywords in Your Tweets

Keywords are a strong and relevant force for web content, and continue to be the backbone of good, unique content. Pack your tweets with punch and insert a few important keywords in there that describe your business. Make every tweet count!

Every internet marketer should already be using Twitter, but it’s got to be used the right way. Have a look at the current platform, and use strategies that apply to its current state. Twitter is a powerhouse – make it work to your advantage!

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