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Top Web Design Trends For 2017

January 5, 2017

Every year the world wide web experiences new web design trends that make the user experience a better one. While some trends fizzle out quickly, others stick around for the long haul.

Without further ado, here are the top web design trends you can expect to see emerge and become more popular in 2017.

No More Flat Design

Flat web design may have been one of the most popular web design trends, but it’s starting to appear mundane. Every website is start to look the same with nothing standing out. Flat design has gone from modern design to something that every web designer applies to their sites. In 2017, flat design will likely end for the most part and give way to layouts and designs that are more creative and unique using soft gradients.

Creative Heading Styles

Basic heading styles are going to be weaned out in favour of more imaginative and creative heading styles. This is a great way to be more unique in your web design. Changing the justification of the heading and adding unique elements to it are ways that web designers are beginning to experiment with changing the average heading style on websites.

More Use of Video and GIFs

Sliders on website was one of the most popular web design trends for quite some time – but time has proven that it can actually decrease conversions on a website. Video on the other hand, is going to be used a lot more on websites because it can be a great way to showcase and interact in how to do something or to see how something works. Short clips or GIFs are already being used for this, but they will become even more sophisticated. The use of video will become more mainstream in 2017, with more content types being shared and videos used to help communicate things more simply and quickly compared to text.


Microinteractions are very subtle, but they also provide a powerful way for users to interact with websites. They’re typically found in click css animations, hovers, scrolling effects, and more. Web designers will be spending more time on microinteractions to make them much more refined and informative.

The Use of Geometrics

Whether it’s shapes, lines, or patterns, geometrics will be a huge trend in web design in 2017. The trend already started last year, and we can expect it to strengthen in the new year.

Easier Navigation

Everyone is using their mobile devices to access the internet, which means web designers need to make it easier for users to navigate web pages. Rather than including complicated and long navigations, an increased number of websites are beginning to simplify the navigation to a maximum of about four to five items.

More Focus on Landing Pages

In 2017, we will probably be seeing an increase in landing page designs rather than home page designs. Even though every website requires a home page, internet marketers will likely want to direct traffic to dedicated landing pages in order to better target their users. Web designers will be able to increase conversions with better designed landing pages this way.

The new year will certainly see plenty of awesome website designs, and these trends will definitely be amongst the more popular throughout the year.