The iPhone 5 is about to be revealed…

September 12, 2012

Today’s Apple Keynote event will certainly include the announcement of the iPhone 5. While the invite does not specifically state that the iPhone 5 will be announced, considering the dozens of leaks leading up to the event, it’s all but certain.

If you can stomach another preview before the fact, a video has surfaced online showing of all of the leaked information, and perhaps one or two other juicy nuggets of information, such as a built-in fingerprint reader embedded into the home button, and iOS 6 features like “Mission Control” which looks like an updated notifications screen that was first included with iOS 5.

Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge of it all with the video below done in true Apple style; supposedly “leaked” by an Apple employee, take this with a huge grain of salt. If anything, it is nice to see all those rumors presented in one nicely done video.

Well the video is very interested, even though it is only a concept video created by a fan, it does show some great features. One of my favourites is the finger print scanner, which has finally changed from the PIN code security feature.

Most Android fans always thought that their security lock code, was one of the best out there, but I think that if the finger print scanner is actually one of the new iPhone 5 features, it’s definitely beat its competition.

We can only wait a few more hours until the actual Apple Keynote Event.

In the meantime what do you think of the video posted above, and what features do you hope will be included in Apple upcoming iPhone 5?

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