June 7, 2012

A new video has been released showing what it claims to be the new exterior of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.

The video was uploaded late yesterday by ETrade supply, an online phone and tablet part store. The case appears to be redesigned and features an aluminum shell instead of the glass shell the iPhone 4S currently has. The casing appears to feature the rumored new design of the iPhone 5, which it said to be 4 inches in height. Furthermore, a new docking port appears to have replaced the current one, and also the headphone jack is now placed at the bottom instead of the top of the iPhone.

The new iPhone 5 is expected to launch later on this year. Apple is hosting their developer conference, also known as WWDC, on Monday June 10th to Friday June 15th 2012. The new iPhone 5 is unlike to be presented at the conference, as usually the developer conference is about software, and sometimes new Apple computer and laptops. However, a presentation on the upcoming iOS 6 is most likely to happen, which is what the new iPhone 5 is expected to run on. The iPhone 5 was previously rumored to be revealed this June, however new reports claim that October 2012 is when the new iPhone 5 will be revealed to the public.

Check out the video posted above to see what the casing of the new iPhone 5 will probably look like. Enjoy!

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